Dazzle Pretzel @ Pretz n' Beanz, Bangsar

I never knew that my friendship with these 10 lovely ladies that I had a staycation at Ajlaa Village with earlier this year will blossom into a tight knit sisterhood (we called ourselves #AjlaaGegirls btw) since all of us came from different background and profession. Guess what, we become closer more and more every day, sharing jokes and even problems, it almost feels like I knew them forever! Couple of the girls couldn't make it on that day but the party must go on because I already tricked the birthday girl a.k.a my sister from another mother, Illy into coming to our secret location. She have no idea obviously but the other birthday girl, Pika already knew all about our plan considering the fact that she's basically the one who arranged the venue, lol

Rayalution Zalora Raya Fashion Festival 2016 : Fazbulous by Fazura | Kree | Minaz | Sawdaa by Mizz Nina

Have you started your raya shopping yet? Honestly, I don't know where to begin with, there are so many great pieces available out there from our talented local designers, I just wish I can have it all! I squeezed in my schedule to watch 2 out of 3 shows during Rayalution Zalora Raya Fashion Festival 2016 few weeks ago which you can read about the first session here. Moving on to the second runway show, the participating designers are  Fazbulous by Fazura, Kree, Minaz and Sawdaa by Mizz Nina. All of them infused different elements to your raya with beautifully made ready to wear outfit that's timeless, classic and stylish.

Rayalution Zalora Raya Fashion Festival 2016 : Arda Putra | Lubna | Poplook | Bella Ammara + Sugarscraf

For two consecutive year, Zalora Malaysia team up again with a number of creative local designers in conjunction with their Rayalution Zalora Raya Fashion Festival 2016 and this time around, a mixture of big names like Hatta Dolmat, Fizi Woo to popular celebrities collaboration such as Fazbulous by Fazura and Sawdaa by Mizz Nina showcasing their strongest look to capture the attention of Malaysian's fashionista. I was there to get a closer look at my favorite fashion labels and of course, scouting for my raya outfit in the process as well. In the first session, 4 designers from Arda Putra, Lubna, Poplook and Bella Ammara + Sugarscarf get the mood going with their special raya collection with Zalora Malaysia runaway show. Let's check out some of the lovely pieces, shall we? I know you can't conceal your excitement already!

Galeri Hajra's Special Launch with Wawa Zainal @ Bandar Baru Bangi

I believe Wawa Zainal is a name that needs no introduction; this mom of two is pretty much everywhere nowadays with her hit TV show, her successful online business and of course her recent collaboration with Galeri Hajra as their brand muse and ambassador. Her bubbly personality and cute demeanor is definitely a perfect match for Galeri Hajra stylish and trendy hijab line which fit women from all ages and background. Trust me, everything she wears looks so lovely, you'll feel the need to get them all desperately!

Take Charge of Your Fertility with Fertility Associate

Who says we can have it all? A successful career, a happy family; everything is possible in this century we live in but how can we explain the fertility issues that 1 of 6 couples in Malaysia have been struggling with? That exactly why it is extremely important to understand what's going on inside your body and do something about it before it's too late. There's no better way to say it but yes, your career can definitely wait unfortunately your fertility can't! The trend where women choose to get married later in life in order to pursue their career and the lack of awareness about fertility are proven to be among the major contributors to this dilemma.

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