Galeri Hajra's Special Launch with Wawa Zainal @ Bandar Baru Bangi

I believe Wawa Zainal is a name that needs no introduction; this mom of two is pretty much everywhere nowadays with her hit TV show, her successful online business and of course her recent collaboration with Galeri Hajra as their brand muse and ambassador. Her bubbly personality and cute demeanor is definitely a perfect match for Galeri Hajra stylish and trendy hijab line which fit women from all ages and background. Trust me, everything she wears looks so lovely, you'll feel the need to get them all desperately!

I was invited to get up, close and personal with Wawa Zainal herself during Galeri Hajra's Special Launching at their Bandar Baru Bangi outlet last weekend and besides getting starstruck or lovestruck (if you're looking for the right way to express it), I'm very impressed with the extensive line of hijab that they have and how affordable each and every single one of them! You can get a beautiful instant scarf for as low as RM6 and guess what, there are a lot interesting offers going on as well so shopping time for me it is =)

Did you see what I meant with the extensive line earlier? From delightful design instant scarf to the bold studded shawl from various shades and colours, you'll be so spoil for choices and having a hard time to pick your favorite. I do have my eyes on the embroidered shawl for my little sister though, it screams feminine and fun just like herself and Wawa Zainal. I regret not buying more for her that day because now that I think of it, it's such a good for money bargain, you can get 3 for RM100 only, what a great promotion isn't it?

If that's not your cup of tea, you still have tons of others to pick from, the Floral Balqis for example is effortless and easy to wear for casual days, the same goes with the Instant 55 Crepe that didn't require any ironing and can be style easily. Just like the two of them, wearing the Printed Shawl is easy breezy too, and the designs are very evergreen as well (polka dots, animal prints) You can rock it with any plain top, skinny jeans and good to go! Or if you're traditional at heart, pairing it with your kurung or kebaya is another way to enhance your style.

If subtlety is what you aiming for, floral and paisley are definitely made for you in mind. These two timeless prints are perfect for your romantic day out with that special someone. Did I tell you about their popular range yet? Well, it's one of the top seller at Galeri Hajra since Wawa Zainal wearing it all the time, it's just a matter of time before it's getting out of stock! Instant Nelly Bubble, Instant Qalesya Bubble, Instant Fathia and Instant Juliana are among Wawa Zainal favorite shawls and yours too if you look at how beautifully it drapes!

Don't feel bad if you missed out the Galeri Hajra's Special Launching at Bandar Baru Bangi the other day, there are another two special events coming up to Galeri Hajra Johor Bahru outlet this 23rd April 2016 and the final one at Galeri Hajra Shah Alam outlet this 30th April. You'll get the chance to rub shoulders or more with Wawa Zainal like I did and shop your heart out with tons of offers, promotions and discounts from their hijab line. That's not all, the first 50 customers will get a free scarf too and for every purchase of RM150 and above, you'll get a mystery gift as well! For more information and details, kindly visit any of their outlets or head over to their official site listed below. Until then, have a wonderful weekend ahead lovelies, adieu~

** photos courtesy of Norfanil **


  1. alalallala cantiknyeeee hehehe both u and wawa tu lahh

    1. awwwwww, thank you babe, mcm adik beradik kan kitorg? hahaha =D

  2. what a great bargain and the design cantik2 juga :) tak sabar nak check it out.. i'm going to the bangi outlet next weekend <3 n you are looking great as always, ayna!

    1. thank you so much love, mmg lawa2 the colors and designs, make sure prepare duit byk2 utk borong, hehehe =P

  3. Best tu 3 hlai 100rgt koleksi best2 pula tu



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