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Who says we can have it all? A successful career, a happy family; everything is possible in this century we live in but how can we explain the fertility issues that 1 of 6 couples in Malaysia have been struggling with? That exactly why it is extremely important to understand what's going on inside your body and do something about it before it's too late. There's no better way to say it but yes, your career can definitely wait unfortunately your fertility can't! The trend where women choose to get married later in life in order to pursue their career and the lack of awareness about fertility are proven to be among the major contributors to this dilemma.

So how you can take charge of your fertility? There are lot of ways to go about it but the first and most important step is by having a Fertility Screening. Some of us do get intimidated by the term itself but it's actually consists of few simple procedures, similar to the regular health check-up that we did every year. These set of tests will help to predict if a woman may have a faster biological clock and therefore will lose their fertility sooner than expected. For women, the test involves blood tests for Follicular Stimulating Hormones (FSH) + Estradiol + Anti Mullein Hormone (AMH) and a pelvic ultrasound. Men on the other hand will go through a semen analysis to looks at the number of sperm, their shape and their ability to move.

I was invited by Fertility Associate couple of days ago to participate in their International Fertility Specialist panel discussion and it truly opens up my mind about the whole concept which still left unspoken in our community. According to Dr John Peek; General Manager for Fertility Associate New Zealand, age is the most crucial factor when you're trying to have a baby. Young women without fertility problems have about a 25% chance per month of having a baby naturally. This falls to about a 12% chance at age 37 and a 4% at 42. Every year definitely counts when you're getting into your late 30's. Fertility Associate came up with an online tool called Biological Clock to help people work out their chances of conception naturally before going to fertility doctor.

Don't worry if your biological clock reading doesn't looks promising, don't lose hope just yet! You can take control of your fertility today with Fertility Associate. With their high rate of success, state of the art equipment, specialists from the respective field, you too stand a chance at parenthood just like everyone else. Get inspired from both Fatemeh Jalilvand and Laavanya Gopal Krishna; cancer survivors who beat the odds and create their own motherhood journey with the help from Fertility Associate. For more information & details, kindly get in touch with them at the links listed below. Until then, have a wonderful weekend lovelies, adieu~


  1. thank you for sharing this ayna :) you are right, dont lose hope. I waited 3 years before Sofea's arrival and it is worth the wait <3

    1. You're very welcome dear, hopefully couples who try to conceive out there will benefit from this post too =) Btw, Sofea is such a darling, looking forward to meet her again soon <3


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