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Don't you just love how versatile Batik prints can be, you can give a modern twist by wearing it as a dress or going traditional as kurung or kebaya =) The vibrant colours and design will definitely turn heads either way but I've yet to see batik prints immortalize in hijab collection until I came across local fashion label, Zizareen couple of months ago. Since I wear Batik all the time, I like to explore different medium to rock it without compromize my style and I'm so glad I have Zizareen lovely batik inspired hijab line to help me with that!

Zizareen is a fashion project initiated by two power woman; Zizaleena Sahudin, a litigator by day and part time student by night with her close friend Fadia Farini Fauzi, an equity dealer at one of the banking institution in Kuala Lumpur. Their mutual love for fashion, online shopping and batik prints translated beautifully into Zizareen hand drawn Batik that's specially made in limited quantity to maintain the quality and exclusivity of each design from their unique Batik hijab collection; ZR Premium and ZR Cally.

Due to the overwhelming response from their previous Batik hijab line, The 88 Collection; Zizareen created another two Batik collection to satisfy the Batik lover fashion needs as well as introducing another colourful selection that's not only can easily match with your daily outfit, it's stylish enough to be incorporate as a statement fashion piece too. The ZR Premium line offering five one of a kind creations made from satin silk material for you to choose from meanwhile the ZR Cally collection features eight Batik print crepe silk designs that can be style effortlessly and comfortably. Let's take a quick look at both collections, shall we?


With five exquisite hand drawn batik designs that exclusively made from high quality satin silk material; Aroha, Athena, Cally, Ombre and Snowflake will definitely makes you stands out, looking both chic and modern in their vibrant bold shades, perfect for any women who love the limelight and the right kind of attention.


Featuring eight different hand drawn batik creation; Areta, Blue Bonnet, Cally Gold, Doreen, Mayura, Moed, Norma and Omaira that's inspired from the colourful nature, this range offers pastel hues to various shades of grey to compliment your whole looks subtlety and beautifully. Priced from RM129.00 onwards, every design were produced in limited quantity so get yours now before it's too late! For more information about Zizareen, kindly visit their official sites below & until then, have a lovely week lovelies, adieu~


  1. cantik nya!! very classy sukaa <3

    1. I fall in love with the collection too, everything is so pretty & lovely =)


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