Green & Glam...

Go green and stay glam X)

What is the best way to go green without missing all the glam??? My answer is definitely shopping at Kiehl's, heehee =P Just kiddin, I'm trying to justify my reasons for visiting the latest Kiehl's store @ KLCC to myself actually, ^_~ And of course I can't just ignore the current promotion they are having right now at all Kiehl's outlet, RM10 rebate for every Rm100 purchase, yeay!!! \\^_^//

What's more, they are giving out free cute re-usable bag where you can choose from 4 gorgeous design which represent 4 different magazines that collaborate with Kiehl's for the Earth Day Programme - Eh, Glam, Female and Nuyou... I pick Glam Bag because I heart the design, and I got Glam magazine for free too!!! In real life, you won't see me buying or reading this coz I always considered it "mak datin" kind of magazine, hahaha =D

Anyway, I bought myself Kiehl's Blue Herbal Set to replace my Clinique 3 Steps Type 3 that I've been using since forever and hardly see any improvement at all =( I've done my research for quite some time and tried the Kiehl's samples before and instantly felt in love with the fresh and clean feeling it gave me... It smells a little like toothpaste but I still like it nevertheless ^_^ I got couple of other samples too that I can't hardly wait to try... I wish it can work it's magic on my full of flaw skin, heehee =P

Eye candy...

the new addition to my Benefit collection, n_n

I missed the Benefit Warehouse sales last year and I had vowed ever since that I won't make the same mistake again, heehee =P Unfortunately, I'm only human, I can't make it to both Benefit sales this year T-T But, thank god, I had successfully persuading 3 different person to do some shopping for me, ngee~ ^_^ Thanks Cuna, Miu and Doroshi for your help, you guys really2 make my day, wink2

I bought creaseless cream shadow/liner in 5 different shades- Hunny Bunny, Samba-dy Loves Me, Gossip, Stiletto and Flying Down To (I'm greedy, I know~ =P) and a brush set which consist of concealer brush, eye shadow brush, kabuki brush and a sharpener (I don't get why they include this in the set, hahaha =D) The brushes wasn't really in my list actually but it's too hard to resist @_@

The great thing about these eye shadows is, it can be used as an eyeliner too and it doesn't crease like most eye shadows at the end of the day, quite cool rite??? I bought 2 previously in Busy Signal & Recess, which I already swapped with other bloggers due to the similarity of the shades with my other Stila pallete..

Yet, I can't help buying more and more eye shadows, huhu~ my mum even ask me to eat it all if I like buying it so much, hahaha =D Well, I can't really blame her, I don't even used some of them anyway, heehee =P Do I want more??? You know I do, wink2

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