Eye candy...

the new addition to my Benefit collection, n_n

I missed the Benefit Warehouse sales last year and I had vowed ever since that I won't make the same mistake again, heehee =P Unfortunately, I'm only human, I can't make it to both Benefit sales this year T-T But, thank god, I had successfully persuading 3 different person to do some shopping for me, ngee~ ^_^ Thanks Cuna, Miu and Doroshi for your help, you guys really2 make my day, wink2

I bought creaseless cream shadow/liner in 5 different shades- Hunny Bunny, Samba-dy Loves Me, Gossip, Stiletto and Flying Down To (I'm greedy, I know~ =P) and a brush set which consist of concealer brush, eye shadow brush, kabuki brush and a sharpener (I don't get why they include this in the set, hahaha =D) The brushes wasn't really in my list actually but it's too hard to resist @_@

The great thing about these eye shadows is, it can be used as an eyeliner too and it doesn't crease like most eye shadows at the end of the day, quite cool rite??? I bought 2 previously in Busy Signal & Recess, which I already swapped with other bloggers due to the similarity of the shades with my other Stila pallete..

Yet, I can't help buying more and more eye shadows, huhu~ my mum even ask me to eat it all if I like buying it so much, hahaha =D Well, I can't really blame her, I don't even used some of them anyway, heehee =P Do I want more??? You know I do, wink2


  1. woohoo!! you soo OWNN the benefit sales~ scoop up everything in doroshi, miu & cuna paveway

    ahh lovely haul indeed~
    i only manage to grab kabuki this round..MIU GRAB ALL ya know lolx!

    i hav a few creaseless jars & boy are they heavy :P i prefer my quad colors *giggle

    i bump into Jon our polaroid photographer and hwa yee! the benefit team ~~

    enjoy ur goodies! give us more FOTD!

  2. u got so many cool stuff already dear, kabuki for ur meteorites, what a perfect fit, im excited enough looking at ur precious little balls, hehehe =P

    i totally agree, the jars are quite heavy, not really travel friendly, but the colors are awesome, i'm lovin it n_n

    btw, i'm more interested looking at ur FOTD than revealing mine, hahaha =D

  3. mcm dh complete set je :D
    mesti that gal & stay dont stray ayna dah kebas ni. huhu

  4. stay don't stray x de lg, x cukup budget, nak kene tunggu jatuh dr langit dulu, hahaha =D that gal dah beli awal thn ari tu, heeee~ n_n

  5. Hey Ayna!
    Yeah i may be so over blogging, but I cant help hopping to some of my fave blogs once in a while. And man dont u rock with ur makeups hauls, as always!

    Gosh benefit wsale? Ah I missed it again, 2 years in a row. Now that I really2 need anything anyway. But...benefit!!! N u got those coll brushes!

    Agak2 kalo da xnk brushes 2, tau2 jela u nk recycle kt sape kn? =p I have 1 brand new shideido es. X jmpe2 lg swappers yg bmint

  6. u x pe kalau missed their whouse sales, leh shopping online, u tau hr tu glamour magz UK bg free benefit stuff with their magz purchase ( either badgal liner/eye bright/ dgn another stuff i x ingat) tp bile i check kat bookstore msia, x de la pulak, just utk kat UK je, frust2 =( I boleh lak lupe nak stock up eyeliner time whouse sales benefit, aduyai~

    anyway, kalau u interested, i nak swap my dr feelgood, i hardly used it, sgt2 wasted kalau biarkan je cenggitu kan??? hehehe =P


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