Older & Bolder...

I'm officially 26 years old today, tsk2 T_T As much as I hate getting older, I think it's quite cool anyway coz right now, younger men were chasing after me instead of married men, hahaha =D So, the best way to celebrate my birthday this year is with a new haircut, bolder and shorter of course, wink2

I always love my long wavy hair, it can look quite nice when I'm bothered to do so, but most of the time, it's hard to maintain and taking care of since im wearing scarf...Anyway, I'm very2 excited about my new haircut, it's sexier, cooler also with a touch of attitude and personality in it, ^_^
I'm not gonna reveal my new hairdo here obviously, but it looks a little like Charlize Theron's haircut in this picture (minus the blond and styling, hehehe =P) I'm lovin' it, n_n


  1. yayyy!!kite dah sama umur. Hehehe

  2. oh tidaaaaaaaaaaak, i nak 25 thn balik, hehehe =P

  3. huhu. nurul tgh berdebar2 ni nk melangkah ke umur korang. x sanggup!!!

  4. siap berdebar2 lagi tu, sabau jela, kita serupa, sama2 dah tua, hahhaha =D


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