Mama, I heart you...

my mother's day gift to my dear mama @_@

I'm a makeup freak, and it's my calling to spread the virus to the people around me, heehee =P I had converted my colleague, my friends, my sisters and even my mom, wink2 So, the pressie it's not really a surprise actually, I'm giving her makeup all the time, since I love colors, it always lippies or eye shadows but never compact powder or foundation...

For this year Mother's Day, I'm giving her Shiseido's Pressed Powder instead since she's not into foundation... And I found quite a cute Mother's Day card @ Memory Lane in a handbag shape which I can't hardly resist, wink2 The best thing is it can fit my gift perfectly!!! What's not to like, right??? n_n

To my mama, I love you very2 much despite your drama and tendencies to spill all my secrets to my dad, hahaha =D I knew it since I was born, no other person in this world could love me more than you do... Happy Mother's Day, Mama... Love you truly, madly & deeply - Your eldest daughter, Kina...

the handbag card back view X)


  1. happy mother's day indeed!
    awww what a sweet gesture from ya`
    i luv your spirit of MU awareness lol

    i did the same convert my sisters, buddies and coworkers to add some colors to their faces lol

    thanks ayna!i've received the vanilla stila lip glaze yummmy!!

    you should give us EOTD too!
    hehe dirty looks inspired by MarcJacobs & Nars

  2. Cute giler handbag card tu :)

  3. stellar : hehehe, it's good to know that i'm not the only one who did that, hehehe =P i'm happy you like it, n_n i love ur eotd, i'm quite shy to do my own eotd yet, hahahha =D

    cuna : cute gler, my mom pun suke, dia kate tu handbag plg comel dia pnh jumpe, hehehehe ^_^


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