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I'm not a "fashionista", not even a fashion "connoisseur", but I do know a thing or two about fashion, what works for me, what's not, having tons of hits and misses myself, learning few basic rules from magazines and from my observation; and as I getting older and wiser I finally come to terms with my body, embrace my imperfection and dress myself accordingly =) 

My favorite fashion icon has always be Charlize Theron, I just can't love her enough!!! She's the embodiment of classy and sexy, carry herself stylishly in every occasion and never fail to impress =) I love how she turn something so simple like a sweater and black pants and somehow manage to turn it into a showstopper!!! With her, everything look so effortlessly and fabulous, me envy~

rock chic + hot chick ^_~

Fashion is very2 subjective, not everything works for everybody and not every style worth trying... For example, I knew long skirts and palazzo pants will never work for me as it can overwhelm my body frame and potentially make me look shorter than I already am~ =_=

The same goes to stripes and prints... Horizontal stripes can make you look so much bigger than you really are, unless that is your intention, dump it for vertical stripes instead!!! I did try wearing it and you know what, I kinda hate the unwelcome attention to my bosom =(

say NO to zebra crossing!!! LOL

Prints is quite tricky btw, too much prints is never a good thing, but if you mix and match it with one plain color it can turn out pretty well =) I'm very wary when it comes to prints, so I'll experiment and asking my sisters first before making any decision, thank god my sisters can be painfully honest with me all the time, haha =D 

My sense of style is very2 predictable or in another word "boring"... A Taurus like myself, we always cling to something that we feel comfortable with and stick to something that we know will never go wrong... I get adventurous and rise to the occasion sometimes when I feel like dressing up, usually during special events and yes it's fun and kind of nice to get out from your comfort zone once in a while...  

Charlize Theron inspired

One of the trend that I've come to love is skinny jeans, at first I'm skeptical, it did look weird at first sight, but once I tried it on with my highest heels, I feel like hitting the jackpot!!! I do look so much taller and I can see my legs instantly elongate before my eyes, super ♥ it =) 

Another thing about fashion, you don't have to spend a fortune to be in style... Taste is something you either have it or not, it is not necessary come in expensive price tags or designer labels, if you smart enough, you can get it from pre-loved stuff sale, car boot sale or even warehouse sale... Or you can wait till it get out of season and bought it at discounted price =) 

statue of liberty XD

Anyway, I do have a great respect for the people nowadays who're not afraid to experiment with fashion and try lots of new style... However, some of it tend to make them look so much older than their own age or sometimes looks like they're trying very hard to be younger than they should which doesn't really scream "look at me" in a good way!!! 

So here's what me & my little sister come up with during our fashion intervention, the 5 DONTS we see almost everyday, hopefully we don't offend anyone because doing this is so much fun, we can definitely do it all day, hehe =P

 fashion disaster in the making!!! =P

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