[Tips & Tricks] Eat, Pray, Love In Kuala Lumpur

It's pretty embarrassing actually to admit that even though I was born and spend most of my lifetime here in Kuala Lumpur, I never really getting around appreciating the beauty of the city itself. Yes. I've been to KLCC for shopping and KL Tower in a school trip years ago but that's about it. I haven't  cross the sky bridge yet or even visit historical sites like Merdeka Square, National Monument Park or Sultan Abdul Samad building. Not because I don't want to, sometimes we tend to overlook the wonderful things that we have in front of us. 

As I was watching Eat, Pray, Love with my husband the other day, it finally occurred to me that we don't have to travel all over the world to experience all that! KL can brings you the best of Eat, Pray, Love journey without travelling to other continent. The diversity of multi-racial ethnicity and unique culture that define our country for decades pretty much said it all. It's such a great opportunity to rediscover our homeland in a new different lights and the sweetest part of it, I don't have to spend on airlines fare and crazy exchange rate!

Malay Cuisine

Indian Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine

Despite the gleaming skyscrapers and expansive shopping malls, there are abundance of gastronomic delights with endless hawker stalls, cafes and restaurant serving varieties of Malaysian's local favorite to fusion inspiration that translate beyond culture and nations for you to choose from. That's exactly why I don't travel much, I'm too attached to Malaysian food, I don't think I can find the awesome spread we have here elsewhere. Believe it or not, lots of my foodie friends feel the same way too, everything is way cheaper and tastier! Who didn't love that, right?

If you're into Malay food, take a stroll along Kampung Baru and try out Nasi Lemak, a timeless favourite that can stir your taste bud. Don't forget to try Beef Rendang while you're at it or wait until night time for a delicious combination of Satay and Peanut Sauce to end your day. If Indian food is your cup of tea, start your day with Roti Canai, a classic Malaysian breakfast that's served with curry or dahl or try other version of it with egg, onion or even sardine. And yes, you should try the Banana Leaf Rice and Beriyani too, it's too heavenly to resist!

That's not all, for Chinese food enthusiast, dive in the city to discover the Malaysian spin of Chinese popular cuisine such as Dim Sum, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Char Kuey Teow or even the Chili Crab. The beauty of it all, it's so easy to find Halal food here in KL so we Muslim can enjoy not only Malay food but other region sought after dishes like Korean's Kimbap Bulgogi and Kimchi or Japanese food like Sushi, Sukiyaki and Sashimi. Of course with additional touch of Malaysian spices obviously, food can be so boring without them!

Masjid Negara

Batu Caves

Thean Hou Temple

As a country that practice freedom of religion, you can definitely see impressive religious buildings everywhere here in Kuala Lumpur. The city offers a diverse iconic sightseeing opportunity of Islamic, Buddhism, Hinduism and also Christianity in a form of majestic mosques, churches, temples and shrines that features intricate design with imported materials such as precious stones, marble, wood and gold to wow and wonder your soul. I've only been to couple of them and so excited to check out the rest of the buildings architecture.

Masjid Negara for example consists of 48 smaller domes, 73 meter minaret and 16 pointed star concrete roof that's highly influenced by the Islamic art and calligraphy. Batu Caves on the other hand features 42.7 meters Lord Murugan statue made using 250 tonnes of steel bar, 300 liters of gold paint and 1550 cubic meters of concrete. Meanwhile Thean Hou Temple, one of the largest Chinese temple in South East Asia is decorated by dragon inspired columns and immaculate rooftops. All that definitely picturesque structures you don't want to miss.

Petronas Philharmonic Hall

Istana Budaya

Regalia Residence

When it comes to loving yourself, there are no other places that does it better than Kuala Lumpur. You can spend your days shop for high end and designer labels at Bukit Bintang or opted for bargain deals at Petaling Street. If you're searching for musical and artistic experience, Petronas Philharmonic Hall brings you various performance by leading artist and orchestras from all over the world. For Broadway lovers, Istana Budaya is the perfect destination for you. Housing all sorts of theater performances, both local and international right in the middle of the city.

If that's not what your heart desire, a staycation in Kuala Lumpur might be what you really needed after all. Booking hotel couldn't be any easier with Traveloka. Choose your favorite hotel or destination and get updated with the latest promotion! If you prefer an indulgence, luxurious stay within the city center that's convenient for your Eat, Pray, Love adventure, you should try Regalia Residence instead. With prestigious location overlooking the magnificent Kuala Lumpur skyline, I'm sure you can't wait to book Regalia Residence online right away!

As a fan of the movie and the book, I'm dying to start my very own Eat, Pray, Love quest. And now that I've my little family to share the experience together, it'll be a memorable one for sure. It'll be a good way to expose my son to our nation's greatest pride and treasure since tender age and to teach him all the beauty that life could bring in the simplest kind of things. Until my next entry lovelies, take the time to appreciate everything around you and maybe you can start planning your version of Eat, Pray, Love itinerary too, adieu~

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