Celebrate Raya with Hermo Malaysia

Can you believe it, raya is just around the corner (5 more days to be exact) and I haven't done any makeup shopping yet! That doesn't sounds like me at all but hey, I have been keeping my eyes wide open for all the amazing deals that's coming my way and the latest one from Hermo Malaysia here really get my undivided attention! Women as we all knew needs more than just fancy dress to feel confident, we live and breathe to looks good and there's nothing makeup and cosmetics can't fix, a brand new skincare would be awesome too.

All About The Hair @ HairDepot Loft, One Utama

I love my hair and all it's flaws but sometimes, just like most women who wear hijab out there I kind of forget to give it the same love and attention just like the rest of my body. Being a mom doesn't make it any easier either. Everything I want to do for myself I'll usually wait until my son sound asleep, he'll look so cute and innocent while sleeping and I'll end up looking at his face for hours and forgot what I plan to do in the first place. That's pretty much the story of my life right now, looks like my son own me, unfortunately XD I decided to fix that before raya so I can put all my hair problems aside and focus on celebrating with my loved one.

Sugarscarf Escapade 2016 @ Metal Bees, Petaling Jaya

Sugarscarf known not only for their embellishment and luxurious fabrics, it's specially created to flatter all type of women with practical design that combines inner and outer hijab. Their popular scarf line up such as Madison, Very Madison, Lana and Juliette is sold over 700,000 units which not only made a huge impact to the local fashion industry but to the worldwide market as well. In conjunction with their successful debut into international fashion scene last year at Sugarscarf London Fashion Showcase, Sugarscarf recently celebrated Sugarscarf Escapade 2016 at Metal Bees, Petaling Jaya in a white and gold theme party last month.

An Intimate Raya Makeover @ Triumph Boutique, Sunway Pyramid

I used to be so comfortable with my own body, imagine wearing the same size since your teenage years! Well, all that is history unfortunately~ After giving birth to my son, lots of things change and I guess it's about time for me to get an inner wear makeover before raya season coming. To look good, you need to feel good inside and there's no better way to do that than shopping for a brand new sexy lingerie, right? The last time I did that was before my wedding day and looks like I'm about to make someone happy too with this intimate makeover =P

Calm and Comfort Your Little One with Minyak Bebe Anugerah

Don't get me wrong, I love my son with all my heart but honestly, he's not an easy room mate to live with during his early days... He cry all the time even after I feed him, bath him, change his diapers or even when I try to sooth him to sleep! I was a living zombie back then, a new mom who lack experience and knowledge and struggling to adapt and adjusting to my new life. I remember our frequent visits to the doctor and the answer that we got almost all the time is of course, "there's nothing wrong with your child, just a typical colic episodes" 

Keep This Love In Photographs @ IQ Studio, Hulu Langat

Nothing keep the memories and love more alive than photographs (so Ed Sheeran says) And just like any other mothers,  documenting my son growth and taking pictures of him is definitely something I enjoy doing but let's face it, I'm obviously no professional... So I've been toying with the idea of having our family official photoshoot for ages and when IQ Studio invited us for their soft launch last weekend, I couldn't be any happier. Finally, we can have the family portrait I always dreams of and me being me, I mentally pick color coordinate outfit for the three of us right away! We gonna be in fifty shades of blue - kidding it's only 3 shades of blue, lol

Chase Your Cholesterol Away with Nestle Omega Plus® Milk With Oats

To what extent you'll go when it comes to protecting your heart? Well, I didn't really mean what do you do to keep it from being broke by any of the hot bloke, what I actually talking about here is how do you shield your heart literally, from the heart disease and bad cholesterol? My dad going through numerous heart episodes couple of years ago and I can see clearly how it took a toll on his daily life. Let's face it, practicing a healthy lifestyle can be quite hard to keep up but what can you easily do to kick this nasty and bad cholesterol away?

Levi's We Are Original Celebration Party & Fashion Show @ KL Live

Levi's jeans I believe is more than just a fashion piece, it hold a seminal place in fashion history and have developed into a cultural icon over the last century. The humble beginning as miners and cowboys copper riveted waist overalls patented by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in 1873 make its own mark in the industry and become one of the most classic fashion items of all time. To honor that, Levi's Malaysia celebrate their originality and authenticity through music, arts and denim in a star studded We Are Original campaign which presented to the media and guests in a celebration party that took place at KL Live, earlier this month. 

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