An Intimate Raya Makeover @ Triumph Boutique, Sunway Pyramid

I used to be so comfortable with my own body, imagine wearing the same size since your teenage years! Well, all that is history unfortunately~ After giving birth to my son, lots of things change and I guess it's about time for me to get an inner wear makeover before raya season coming. To look good, you need to feel good inside and there's no better way to do that than shopping for a brand new sexy lingerie, right? The last time I did that was before my wedding day and looks like I'm about to make someone happy too with this intimate makeover =P

Thanks to Triumph Malaysia, I got all that covered and more. I was invited for a personalize fitting session at their Sunway Pyramid boutique earlier this month and I knew instantly that I'm going to go back home as different woman! Triumph International as we all knew is one of world's largest intimate apparel companies that have been crafting their art and specialize in the making of beautiful and comfortable women inner garment for more than a century in over 120 countries so no, I'm not gonna miss this out for the world!

According to Triumph, women body changing all the time and it's very important to always do a proper bra fitting to ensure you're wearing the right size and the best support. If you never been to Triumph Boutique before, you'll be given your own Bust ID where everything related to your bosom will be measured accordingly by their professional staff. It's also part of their Find The One campaign to encourage women going for a bra fitting to learn more about the inner wear that's perfect for them. Back to the session, turns out I'm a couple size bigger than before which in another word means that I've been wearing the wrong bra size all year long!

To reconfirm and try out my new size, I was taken to their cozy and huge changing room inside which not only equipped with large mirror for your viewing pleasure, it's also enhance with calming vibes and pretty decoration too. Another little touch that I love is the pink t-shirt which you can find in the fitting room. You can use it during your fitting session or whenever you try out their t-shirt bra range. If you're planning to visit Triumph Boutique with your loved one, don't worry there's comfortable waiting area provided for them as well.

As a connoisseur in ladies inner garment, Triumph constantly develop, create and design their products to cater to every women needs and looking at their extensive line up, even I do get overwhelmed at the beginning. I'll walk you through some of the collections that got my attention and as you can see here, I do have my eyes on a lot of them! Their Magic Spacer collection for example is made from innovative Spacer fabric which is incredibly light and airy that allow your body to breathe. The Maximizer Aqua collection on the other hand magically gives you an additional 2 cups to your size with its Aqua Enhancer incredible element.

They also have their own luxurious lingerie line, Essence which features exquisite floral embroidery lace. The lush fabric, enchanting texture, intricate details that boasts European heritage and expertise but perfectly tailored to fit Asian body. Not only that, if you're happened to be a fitness freak there's special range create with you in mind. Sloggi Active is made from soft, lightweight material Tencel which comes with fast moisture wicking function to make you feels so much more comfortable while working out. The design is easy to get on and off the hook and their modified racer back was invented to prevent slippage and enhance your movement.

Of course I was drawn to their latest summer collection; Triumph Light Fascination which lovingly crafted to give you the highest comfort levels in extremely lightweight, perfectly fitting support, airy comfort and fresh beauty look. The new line up highlights Triumph star products including Body Makeup Light, Magic Boost Light and Shape Sensation Light that thoughtfully designed to impact specific features depending on the wearer's needs. Body Makeup Light promise you a second skin fit and smooth finish with the increase bonus of breathability and extreme lightweight cup design. It's also enhance with Triumph fabulous new Magic Wire technology with an innovative cup design which gives you all the support of a wire with the feeling of none. 

For a little bit extra attention, you can opt for their Magic Boost Light that combines maximum cleavage with maximum comfort for gorgeous feminine expression. With its extreme airy freshness, super light feel and voluptuous allure in Deep-V design, Magic Boost Light comes with Triumph new breathable cups and super light fabric in a stunning lace combination. Last but not least is Triumph Shape Sensation Light range that is created with the latest 3D Sculpt design technology to achieve a superb silhouette, extreme lift and support without compromising your comfort. Sculpting, firming and toning your asset in a lovely pastel floral print, who can say no to these beauty right? It's hem free edges and pretty stretch fabric definitely win me over~

Since I obviously need all the support I can get to correct the connective tissue in my breast that loses it elasticity, Triumph Shape Sensation Light is certainly the best choice for me. I love the high side panels that work wonders at eliminating the unwanted bulges and how it easily shape my bust voluptuously! The excess fat that I still carry from my pregnancy won't make me look great in my raya outfit so I decided to get the Triumph Shape Sensation Light Shapewear corsage and girdle to complete my raya makeover. It's really great at accentuating my curves from toning my not so slim waist to lifting my not so bootylicious bottom!

To visually see how it will enhance my figure, I tried it on with one of my tightest bodice gown. I always feel a little bit intimidate to wear this kind of dress before, I know my body will look all over the place in it~ Thankfully I have Triumph Shape Sensation Light Shapewear to the rescue, it tucks in my tummy and love handles effortlessly & instantly trim and slim my waistline! If you're worried you'll feel uncomfortable using it, I have a little tips for you lovelies! Try it on for a short period of time at first and increase the duration more and more everyday. It's really amazing and comfortable believe me, you'll wouldn't want to leave house without it for sure!

Wait no more to do your bra shopping because there are tons of wonderful deals at Triumph happening now in conjunction with their ShopBraholics Unite event. That's not all, they will kickstart their Manic Day of ShopBraHaul at Gurney Plaza, Penang boutique this 26th June too where you'll have the chance to bag as many bras you could in 30 seconds! There's something for every women here so let's get your inner wear makeover with Triumph today to achieve your desired look for this coming raya. For more details, kindly visit their official sites listed below or head over to their stand alone boutique at Sunway Pyramid, Midvalley Megamall or IOI City Mall. Until then, I'm wishing you a healthy and happy Ramadhan lovelies, adieu~


  1. i just love how comfy they can be! :) <3

    1. I know right? Pretty and functioning designs without compromising the comfort is love <3

  2. Auchhh! I need this makeover tooo..

    1. You should Pika dear, corsage tu mmg best, rasa slim shady lah pulak bila pakai =)


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