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I love my hair and all it's flaws but sometimes, just like most women who wear hijab out there I kind of forget to give it the same love and attention just like the rest of my body. Being a mom doesn't make it any easier either. Everything I want to do for myself I'll usually wait until my son sound asleep, he'll look so cute and innocent while sleeping and I'll end up looking at his face for hours and forgot what I plan to do in the first place. That's pretty much the story of my life right now, looks like my son own me, unfortunately XD I decided to fix that before raya so I can put all my hair problems aside and focus on celebrating with my loved one.

Since Hair Depot recently open their new loft at One Utama New Wing, I guess this is the perfect time to get a proper care for my hair and scalp. For those of you who unfamiliar with Hair Depot, it's actually have been around since 2009 with 29 outlets all over Klang Valley and Johor. They're selling natural based hair products from 13 brands in their store  that's imported from various countries like Midori, Hair Milk, Herbalogist, Greenology, Ecru Little Green, Ecru NewYorkStreets, Cab's, Aurane, Erayba, Phytorelax, Farcom Aler, Farcom Mea Natura and Farcom B-Style besides HairDepot in house label itself.

Here you can find everything related to hair products from shampoo, conditioner, treatment, serum, mask to hair styling tools and accessories. They have all kind of solutions for different hair problems too, you can find treatment and remedy for hair loss problem, oily scalp, damaged hair, coloured hair, dry and frizzy hair, dull hair, dandruff hair to hair fragrance and hair serum for your luscious lock. You name it, they have it all, I'm quite surprise at first by how extensive their products line up is. It's very hard for me to find the right kind of product for my complicated hair and thankfully, it's all available here at HairDepot Loft under one roof!

Did I tell you about their Baby Care section which happened to be my favourite spot at HairDepot Loft? Your little one needs is fully covered with the Ecru Little Green product range which is not only clinically and dermalogical tested, it's specially formulated for sensitive skin and hypoallergenic with no parabens, no allergens, no sulfates, no animal testing and gluten free as well. They have shampoo, body wash, soothing balm, body lotion and even lice guard care for kids! It's all safe, gentle and pure for your cutie pie and yes, the products signature scent and packaging is very lovely too, I wish I can bring it all back home for my son!

Of course I didn't go back home empty handed. I have the best products to combat my hair problems with me. After my consultation session with HairDepot Loft hair expert, I learn a lot about my hair and scalp condition which is actually treatable and happened due to my habit of not cleansing my hair the proper way. I have oily scalp and dandruff problem and sadly dry and dull hair too. I always have difficulty to choose the best shampoo and treatment at local pharmacy before because there is  no products available that address all my issues... Now that I have it all here, let's take a look at each and every single one of it, shall we?  

Midori Secret Energy Scalp Peeling Gel
15ml x 4 / RM66.00

The first item I've been prescribed to is the Midori Secret Energy Scalp Peeling Gel. It's a pre-shampoo cleansing created specifically for oily scalp. Comes with 4 x 15ml little bottle inside, it works by removing impurities from dead cells and excess sebum out of the pores and exfoliates and tones scalp that's prone to oiliness to give you a clean, fresher feeling. To use, simply distribute the product evenly onto your stressed and irritated scalp and gently massage for 2 -3 minutes before rinse it off. Apply twice a week for better results and after using it for 2 weeks, I'm happy to say my scalp oiliness have reduce significantly, yeay!

Midori Advance Clear Dandruff Remove Shampoo
300ml / RM43.00

Midori Advance Clear Dandruff Remove Shampoo on the other hand is a dandruff control shampoo that soothes and clarify, hydrate scalp, help reduce flaking, irritation and itching to give your hair a softer and smoother feel. Specially made for oily scalp, it contains Zinc Pyrithione to effectively eliminate and combat dandruff without drying and irritates your hair and scalp. It's pretty easy to use, just work into light lather, massage it gently and rinse well. I love the soft scent it comes with, completely different than my previous anti-dandruff treatment which smells very strong and gave me headache, this one is a keeper for sure!

Hair Milk Nourishing SPA
500ml / RM38.00

Next in line is my favourite among them all, the Hair Milk Nourishing SPA. It's a hair treatment for extremely damaged, weak and dull, tangled, dry hair. The smoothing and nourish formula in this rich, luscious rinse out masque provide intense and long lasting conditioning for your hair besides refresh and nourish it. It's not tested on animals and paraben free, you can have a dual action on your hair and scalp if you blend this cream bath with appropriate scalp concentrate to get both your hair and scalp treated. You can also use it alone by applying it evenly to clean, damp hair and leave it for 3-5 minutes before rinsing it with warm water. It's affordable and work wonders and give a new life to my dull mane, what's not to like about it, right?

Argan Oil Hair Serum
50ml / RM89.00

The last item that I got for myself is the Argan Oil Hair Serum. Brought exclusively from Morocco, this amazing oil naturally penetrate the hair to help moisturised each layer of the hair strand for a long term hair repair for a healthier, shinier and silkier hair. It deeply restructure your hair and protects it from external agents by giving an anti-aging, anti-frizz and protect it against humidity. It's versatile enough to be use either on your dry or wet hair for an immediate straightening effect and make your tresses easier to style and looking shiny, silky and soft. It works with every hair types for men and women, naturally aid your hair internally and externally.

Little Green Kids Shampoo & Body Wash
240ml / RM59.40

Besides giving my hair all the treats it deserved, I didn't miss out getting something for my son too. Little Green Kids Shampoo & Body Wash caught my attention instantly because this all-in-one cleansing product is created with sensitive skin baby in mind. It's mild, tear free and nourish my baby hair and skin with it's paraben, allergens and sulfates free ingredients and clinically and dermatologist tested as well. Bath time is so much fun when I have the Little Green Kids Shampoo & Body Wash by my side, my son seems to enjoy playing with his tear free shampoo and body wash more and he smells amazingly wonderful too! 

If your hair is going through lots of issues like mine and in dire need of help, you can head over to HairDepot Loft, One Utama and get your personalize consultation with their experts in order to understand your hair and the best solution for your hair problem. That's not all, you can also get free Argan Oil Hair Serum worth RM89 and free membership simply by following HairDepot and my Instagram account here and repost the Argan Oil Hair Serum photo that I've uploaded earlier. Easy, isn't it? For more information and details, kindly visit their official sites listed below and until then, have an amazing week ahead lovelies, adieu~


  1. really liking those hair serum <3

    1. High 5 babe, I love how moisturize it feels against my dry hair <3


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