Levi's We Are Original Celebration Party & Fashion Show @ KL Live

Levi's jeans I believe is more than just a fashion piece, it hold a seminal place in fashion history and have developed into a cultural icon over the last century. The humble beginning as miners and cowboys copper riveted waist overalls patented by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in 1873 make its own mark in the industry and become one of the most classic fashion items of all time. To honor that, Levi's Malaysia celebrate their originality and authenticity through music, arts and denim in a star studded We Are Original campaign which presented to the media and guests in a celebration party that took place at KL Live, earlier this month. 

Local personalities from various fields like legendary rock star Amy Search, Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2 winner Sheena Liam, Noh Salleh from Hujan, national gymnast Farah Ann, acoustic princess Liyana Fizi, dynamic duo from JinnyBoy TV Jin Lim and Reuban Kang, renowned photographer Chuan Looi, fashion designer Hatta Dolmat, jazz songstress Poova as well as Levi's Malaysia staff join the bandwagon to bring the campaign to live by sharing their own tale and memorable jeans stories and constantly inspiring others to be true to themselves and reflects their personality through denim that uniquely theirs.

The celebration starts with a myriad of activities curated by local personalities such as live mural paintings by graffiti artist, Cloakwork and art house, Minut Init besides mini Tailor Shop for customization services as well as preview of Live in Levi's film featuring Noh Salleh, JC Chee, Liyana Fizi and other celebrities too. A fashion performance follows suit soon after that to highlight the four new and exciting ranges from Levi's for both men and women which are stylish, edgy and steeped in functionality without compromising the wearers comfort.

The men collections; Commuter, Stretch and Cool were showcase during the party in a very interesting way from bicycle ride to the stage to dance and musical performances. The Commuter range is given a new and improved technical features which includes reflective heat transfer and U-Lock holder, reflective tape and thread, higher back rise for riders coverage specifically designs to keep urban cyclist comfortable, safe and dry during their ride. Besides that, the tees from this line are now infused with Thermoregulating CoolMax base layers and yes, the design were created by a well known graphic designer and tattoo artist, Kyler Martz which successfully translated his typical traditional tattoo flash style into a modern design aesthetic.

The Stretch line on the other hand is designed with strength and stability in mind. The combination of cotton, polyster and elastane; the soft material that prevents static and pilling while imparting stretch ability that are great in delivering the necessary comfort-stretch efficiency. Holding up better in repeated washing due to its shape retention benefits, these jeans prevent knee blowout, improves color luster and stay new for a longer period of time. Definitely perfect for those who are constantly in motion and leading an active lifestyle. 

The third men collection, Cool is an innovative denim range specifically constructed to combat our  sweltering hot weather with breathable fabric to wicks away moisture and enables proper body ventilation and help adjusting the body temperature. Twice as soft as cotton, the line incorporate Modal Fiber by Lenzing which gives unparalleled softness to your denim by making it lightweight with smoother hand feel. All these collection is available from May onwards and retails from RM99 for tops and RM239 for the bottom.

The women collection wasn't left behind and is beautifully featured in an ballet inspired dance routine to compliment crowd favorite soul songstress, Najwa Mahiaddin performance. Created to smooth and enhance, this ultimate shaping jeans not only help slimming down the tummy, it lift and lengthen the legs as well! The combination of high recovery fabrics and advance tummy slimming technology holds everything in the right places. The Women's Shaping collection are available in two premium fabrics, Orta Super Strectch Bi-Stretch and Twin Dragon from June onwards and retails for RM199. For more information regarding the collections, head over to their official sites listed below and until then, I'm wishing you a happy June lovelies, adieu~


  1. My husband punya fav jeans brand. He is always a levi's guy ��

    1. My husband too, he wear his blue Levi's all the time, hehe =P

  2. Totally enjoyed the entire fashion show! <3 thanks for tagging me along babe! xxx

    1. Happy to have you with me babe, let go to rock concert next, hehe =P


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