Sugarscarf Escapade 2016 @ Metal Bees, Petaling Jaya

Sugarscarf known not only for their embellishment and luxurious fabrics, it's specially created to flatter all type of women with practical design that combines inner and outer hijab. Their popular scarf line up such as Madison, Very Madison, Lana and Juliette is sold over 700,000 units which not only made a huge impact to the local fashion industry but to the worldwide market as well. In conjunction with their successful debut into international fashion scene last year at Sugarscarf London Fashion Showcase, Sugarscarf recently celebrated Sugarscarf Escapade 2016 at Metal Bees, Petaling Jaya in a white and gold theme party last month.

According to the founder; Eyqa Sulaiman, Sugarscarf has come a long way since she first started it in 2008. Now, Sugarscarf have 6 boutiques nationwide, 50 staffs in Kuala Lumpur alone and about to expand their legacy to United Kingdom! During the event, Sugarscarf revealed their most exquisite scarves with a series of luxury printed collection in an elegant runway showcase which also features their iconic Madison scarf range. Crafted with the highest quality material, each and every design they made is infused with the signature classic and sophisticated elements that are exclusive and synonym with Sugarscarf branding and image.

Sugarscarf Escapade 2016 also marks the grand launch of Hope by Sugarscarf, an array of newly and specially designed scarves where part of the proceeds will go to the charity aimed to create a better life for children who are suffering from inadequate supply of clean water. "This initiative is a way of thanking the strong women who motivate us to work harder and make a difference for the benefit of our society", added Eyqa Sulaiman later in her speech. For more information and details regarding Sugarscarf and their products, kindly visit their official links listed below and until then, have a wonderful day ahead lovelies, adieu~

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