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It's hard to believe that we'll be leaving 2020 in less than 24 hours... We bid farewell to 2019 with so much hopes and dreams but 2020 definitely teach us to be more thankful and learn to appreciate all the things that we used to take for granted before. I see people around me deeply affected from this health crisis and there's nothing more I wish than a safe and healthy environment for all of us to live in. 

Despite everything, I guess I hit more milestone in this year alone than I ever did before! I managed to keep my little family in one piece (no hospital trips to date, thank god), picked up some cooking skills (my husband can certainly vouch for that, lol), homeschool Ammaar and now he can finally read all his Malay books (so proud of my boy) and of course, consistently working out throughout the year (thanks to the Chloe Ting's youtube channel!).

Back to the topic at hand, ever since the MCO/CMCO, we tried to avoid crowded places as much as we could. I'm a little worried that Ammaar might be restless with the new norm but he seems to be adjusting pretty well, better than me in fact! So we have to be a little bit creative to make sure he can still have fun and yet adhere to the MKN's standard operating procedure. Family photoshoot seems like a good idea because it's been a while since our last session and we desperately need an update version as soon as possible!

Back then, Ammaar was not very cooperative and cried most of the time (you can read all about it here) so basically yes, it's the perfect time to get a brand new family portrait. We really love how our photos turn out before and choose IQ Studio again to capture the moment. They have moved to a new location in Semenyih by the way; it's more spacious, disabled-friendly and easily access from multiple highways. Do check them out if you're nearby, they have lots of interesting packages to choose from.

It didn't take me long to figure out the whole theme and outfit (matched my boys and be the odd one out as usual) and the photographer will do the rest for you. There are some props in the studio for you to choose from or you can also bring yours too to fit in with your desired outcome. I always love effortless and natural kind of photos with simple, minimize background and I'm so happy that it turns out just like the way I envisioned. Unlike our previous photoshoot, Ammaar doesn't really need much direction this time around and happily posed for the camera.

Everything went smooth and easily, no drama in between and I can see that Ammaar is so much better at this than both of us ever will be... I'm a little out of touch to be honest, I almost forgot how to strike my signature pose (no I'm not pregnant by the way, it's my food belly, lol). In case you're wondering, you're in a very safe hand here in IQ Studio. There are only 1-2 staff at every moment and they regularly disinfect their premise after every usage. All you have to do is booked your photoshoot session and come over on the selected time and date. 

For more information and details, you can reach out to IQ Studio via the links and contact number mention below. Just a little public service announcement before we close the 2020 chapter, please don't ever let your guard down and always practice social distancing. Let's do our part to flatten the curve, Malaysia! Until we meet again, I'm wishing all of you out there a very Happy New Year and stay safe lovelies, adieu~

IQ Studio & IQ Print Shop
No 3, Office Building, Ground Floor,
Suria Mewah Residensi, Jalan Dusun,
43500, Semenyih, Selangor


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