Sweet 27...

I'm having a hard time to believe that I'm turning 27 this year, not because I'm afraid of getting older, but this year time flies so very fast, I can't keep up most of the time, and I barely had time to blog nowadays =( My birthday had passed almost 4 months ago, and I only managed to blog about it now, I hope I won't kill the suspense though, hehehe =P

I received lots of pressies this year, which surprised me a lot cause I didn't see most of it coming and I did indulge myself with something extra-special too for my 27th birthday, which you guys can read it in my upcoming post, wink2

Back to the pressies, my mom and sisters gave me quite a wonderful treat consist of Benefit Crescent Row Laugh with me LeeLee fragrance (which smells so divine) + It's Potent eyes cream (it's my wonder baby) + Ultra Shine lipgloss and a very cute makeup bag with a couple of Benefit miniatures @_@ This definitely made me squeal with delight and make a great addition to my current Benefit stash, thank you all, muahsss ^_^

Bene-frenzy!!! n_n
My dad on the other hand gave me something that I really2 need, a pink 8GB Sony Walkman to replace my Samsung Mp3 that turn haywire early this year, thanks a lot daddy for the sweet thought, now I can store up all my fav songs again,weeeeeeeeeeee~ \\n_n// I still mourning my almost 1,000 songs collection that gone with my late Mp3 though T-T
Pinky spell =)
From my bff Deya I received the ultimate must have from Soap & Glory, the very famous Flake Away body scrub (this is so freakin' goooooood!!!) + Heel Genius foot cream and the Daily Smooth body butter, I love it all so so much and finished most of it already, heehee x) Thank you girl for the fabulous gift *_*

Soap & Glory rocks!!! =D

Another buddy of mine, Mieza gave me something to make me fat obviously (just kiddin =P), she know how much I love choc chip cookies and since she can't bake, she bought me Famous Amos cute gift set instead, thanks babe, hee~

Cookie monsters =P
My colleague, Anie fulfill one of my book wish list with Sophie Kinsella's latest Shopaholic series paperback, Mini Shopaholic~ Thank you dear =) And from one of my blogger friends, Hanna (she's another Bene-freak species like me =P) I received the very lovely Benefit Posie-tint & Benefit Dr FeelGood, I'm lovin it so so very much!!! Thank you Hanna dear, muahsss ^_~

Shopaholic & Bene-holic must have items =P
Sarah, my colleague gave me a little cute mug, perfect for my morning tea every morning, thanks girl =) And from Harim, another blogger friend of mine, I received The Body Shop Cranberry Joy miniature set and a chic lit for my beach read, I Heart Hollywood from Lindsey Kelk, thank you so much sweetie, I love them all!!! @_@

Pinky rush *_*
Cuna and her family bought me a lovely Red Earth palette set which consist of 4 eye shadows shades, 4 lip colors, I blusher plus a cute clutch too, sweet ^_~ Thank you so much guys for the thought and thanks a lot for delivering the gift all the way to me too, I'm so touch by the trouble you guys going through ^_^

Another palette to play with, yeay!!!
From one of my oldest blogger friend, Miu2 I received the Shu Uemura Pink Cleansing Oil, which I can't imagine living without now, it's the best cleansing oil ever invented and I'm hooked for life!!! Thank you babe for the gift, I heart it so very much~ @_@
Pinky love again n_n
Last but not least, a very special gift from someone special to me (you know who you are, baby ^_~), a Greg Bennett ukelele and my favorite flower, white lily, thanks honey ♥♥♥ Ukelele and lily, what a great combination, I'm still not used to it though, I mixed up the chords all the time, hopefully I'll master it soon, wink2

Music of my heart ^_~
I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to everyone for all the wonderful wishes, messages and gifts, I deeply appreciate it and adore every single one of them =) I'm truly blessed to have all your love around me, my life would certainly sucks without you guys, love you all to bits, muahssssssssssss ^_~

Confess & Conceal...

I'm truly, deeply and madly in love with Benefit Cosmetics and to know that there are millions women out there who share the same addiction with me is quite fantastic actually, wink2

Anyway, I accidentally stumble upon another Bene-freaks, Jade Isabelle from Singapore while google-ing for Maggie & Annie Asia Tour last April. Surprisingly, we're share mutual love not only for Benefit, she's a big fan of Soap & Glory and Chanel too, coolness, isn't it? @_@ I've been her reader ever since and buying more and more Soap & Glory stuff because of her, heehee x)

It's time to confess and conceal =P
To celebrate her 26th birthday last month, she's doing a giveaway to all her international readers and the prize is non other than the Confessions of a Concealaholic kit from Benefit, yeay!!! @_@ I've been eye-ing it for quite sometime cause it's the ultimate solution for my full of flaws skin~ =_=

With 2 shades of Boing, That Gal, Erase Paste, Lemon Aid and Eye-bright, the 5 in 1 kit is definitely a must have and I wish I'm the lucky one who will walk away with this baby ^^ So girls, head over to Jade Isabelle blog and join the giveaway now before your time is running out, who know you might be lucky, wink2

p.s : I guess it's not too late to wish you a very very Happy Birthday, Jade!!! ^_^ Keep up the good work gurl, n_n

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