Bangkok dangerous...

For my sis Tqah's 19th birthday celebration, we all agreed to try this new place called Bangkok House which serve Thai's cuisine at Pandan Indah,KL... It's actually my second visit here, the first time I went there was with my colleagues few months ago... And I ate like there's no tomorrow, hehehhe =P Apparently, my mum and siblings finally decided to trust my review this time and agreed to try this place... It's very rare to get together with my very big family at the same time so we all tried to make it as special as we can.. n_n

Bangkok House...

My family hungry faces, hehehhe =P

Yummy tomyam... ^_^

Ginger chicken, so tastyyyy @_@

Butter prawn, me likey!!! n_n

Stuffed crabs, it's finger lickin' good ^_~

My mum's all time favorite, Som Tam *.*

I went to the ladies for 5 minutes, and it's all gone, hahahha =D

For those who love Thai's food, you should really2 give this place a shot, the food here are awesome @_@ !!! Personally, I like my food to be more spicy, but since authentic Thai's food are more sour, I have to adjust my taste bud la, huhu~ I can't remember all the meals name as its all in Thai's, but I really2 love their stuffed crabs (filled with mushroom and chicken) and butter prawn... Simply delicious,me likey ^_^ The ambiance here are so peaceful + nice and so does the service, really2 worth it!!! I definitely will come again, again and again, hehhe =P


The girls and I... @_@
(from left ; Tqah, Un, Mama, Syiqin, Kura, Kina)

p.s : Happy 19th Birthday Tqah-chan!!! Hope you love your birthday gift, heehee =P

** pics credit to Tqah & Boy

Waiting for tonight...

This was probably the craziest thing I ever done this year and to make it worst suddenly I was swamped with exam, assignment and so much drama, huh~ But nothing can distract me from the long awaited Estee Lauder Sales, hehhhe =P

My night started with the Laura Mercier (I felt French everytime I pronounce the name, hahha =D) private makeup lesson at Pavillion with Hanna... (thanks gurl for the voucher n_n) I loooove the products so much especially their flawless makeup range...^_^ The SA also very2 helpful and teach us quite a number of makeup trick and tips, me likey!!! Their concept are pretty much like Bobbi Brown where they emphasize on more natural look which suit me very2 well... I must said, I'm started to fall for Laura Mercier now, =P

The Laura Mercier Flawless range n_n

After the lesson, me and Hanna heading to the nearest 24hours McD to killing time before we move to our last destination... We spend hours eating, reading magz, gossiping, trading beauty tips and do our shopping list, hehhehe =P (I actually bring my pillow, drinking water, UNO game, mp3 and books but didn't have the oppurtunity to use any of them, hahhah =D) At 3 am, we started getting paranoid and slowly making our way to the Renaissance Hotel...

Thank god, we are among the early birds arrived and not long after that Vonvon (shopaholic mama ^_^) Miu2 (warehouse sales queen, heehe =P) and I also got to meet new friends like Cai (she's more dramatic than my mum, hahaha =D) Jess (very funny la this girl =P)
Jennifer @ Tutu (sorry girl, I confused u with Jess coz u both look alike, hehee =P) and Aesha (she said I look younger than my age, perasan jap, huhu =D) joining our shopaholic team (we coming up with several strategies on how to attack the sales, hehhe @_@) and the time flies quickly with more and more people swarming the Grand Ballroom entrance...

my 4 in the morning poses with Hanna & Miu, huhuhu~ n_n **

our sales attack discussion, heehee =P **

I actually plan to buy only DKNY Bedelicious EDP & body lotion, Bobbi Brown @ MAC eye primer but going crazy after seen lots of great bargain, huhu~ Too bad I bring limited cash only so I have to be contend with my little purchase, sob2 T-T Anyway, I'm quite happy with my haul, I bought lots of Bobbi Brown (Eye Shadow + Blusher + Lippies), get limited edition DKNY Bedelicious EDP & MAC eye base + pencil and gel eyeliner which I swap with Hanna & Lynn (another new friend I met ^_^) My only regret??? I didn't bought any body lotion that I can keep as gifts for my family and friends... T-T

my little purchase, hehhe ^_~ **

After all the excitement and adrenaline rush, me and the girls go lepaking at KLCC and spend hours admiring each other stuff, gossiping and having our brunch... I couldn't stop laughing with the girls drama and craziness, LOL =P Around 11 a.m, I bought doughnuts for my sisters and making my way back home... I still cant't believe how I'm able to function without any sleep, huhu~ Will I do it again??? Are you kidding me??? Of course I will, hehe @_@

** pics credit to Miu2, Hanna & Gossip 38

From Europe With Love...

My fav is the silver heart shape keychain, me likey n_n

My sister just came back from her Europe trip and look what she have bought for me, kawaii isn't it??? Hehehhe =P Thanks Kura!!! I'm so freaking jealous actually because I always thought I'll be the first one in my family that will go backpacking around Europe sob2 T_T And yes, European men are very2 drop dead gorgeous, wink2 (did my sister purposely said that to make me more jealous than I already am??? huhu~ =P) If I was there, I will invent any stupid reason to tango with Italian or Spanish men, hahhahah =D (If all of them are cute like Torres and Antonio Banderas la, hehhhe n_n)

I read somewhere in Nuffnang that Hyundai will organize a contest where the winner will get a chance to visit Europe, so cool meh~ I'll update you guys if inspiration struck me and force all of you to vote for me, muahhahaha =D (I'm not kidding about that, hehhee =P) Anyway, I get too preoccupied lately with my partners in crime a.k.a my slightley twisted sister so I get a little (lot) lazy to update my blog more often, huhuhu~ But, I'll be back as usual once everything goes back to normal (which I doubt will ever be =P) Till then, adieu, guys~ adios muchachos!!! ^_~

Never Say Never...

July seems like a very promising month to me... And I'm happy to say that I can't hardly wait for many good things to come, hehhehe ^_~ My trip??? I admit that I'm quite skeptical about it before but I love the challenge and curious to experience it myself... Too bad I can't bring my digicam with me so there's no pics to upload... Anyway, it's certainly an eye opening adventure... I met lots of great people that inspire me to enjoy life and live it to the fullest...

One of them is a blind girl name Nadzirah, who lost both her parents but still radiated with positivity and energy... I can never imagine what I'll do if I'm in her shoes, probably shrinking myself away from others and dwell in self-pity T-T... What amazed me the most is her independence, determination and zest for life that I never seen in anyone else before... I truly respect and admire her strength to overcome all the tragedies in her life... I wish she will have everything she deserve and so much more, amin~

I also met a guy who teach me a cool kickboxing moves, hehhehe =P (I'm not being naughty, okey wink2) Other than that, I do met a single mother who struggle to raise her kids and started a new life without her husband presence... Your spirit and courage will definitely paid off later on, girl ^_^ One thing I realize back then is how lucky I am compared to some of these people... I have a wonderful family and friends that have been my backbone and support system all this while... Thank q so much to all of you for believing in me and love me the way I am... n_n

I never thought that I'm gonna love my days over there but honestly, I really looking forward for more trip like this in the future... We can never say never because we never know what we gonna miss... So guys, get ur gear, lets climb the mountain and explore the nature, hehhe @_@ Gambate!!!

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