Bangkok dangerous...

For my sis Tqah's 19th birthday celebration, we all agreed to try this new place called Bangkok House which serve Thai's cuisine at Pandan Indah,KL... It's actually my second visit here, the first time I went there was with my colleagues few months ago... And I ate like there's no tomorrow, hehehhe =P Apparently, my mum and siblings finally decided to trust my review this time and agreed to try this place... It's very rare to get together with my very big family at the same time so we all tried to make it as special as we can.. n_n

Bangkok House...

My family hungry faces, hehehhe =P

Yummy tomyam... ^_^

Ginger chicken, so tastyyyy @_@

Butter prawn, me likey!!! n_n

Stuffed crabs, it's finger lickin' good ^_~

My mum's all time favorite, Som Tam *.*

I went to the ladies for 5 minutes, and it's all gone, hahahha =D

For those who love Thai's food, you should really2 give this place a shot, the food here are awesome @_@ !!! Personally, I like my food to be more spicy, but since authentic Thai's food are more sour, I have to adjust my taste bud la, huhu~ I can't remember all the meals name as its all in Thai's, but I really2 love their stuffed crabs (filled with mushroom and chicken) and butter prawn... Simply delicious,me likey ^_^ The ambiance here are so peaceful + nice and so does the service, really2 worth it!!! I definitely will come again, again and again, hehhe =P


The girls and I... @_@
(from left ; Tqah, Un, Mama, Syiqin, Kura, Kina)

p.s : Happy 19th Birthday Tqah-chan!!! Hope you love your birthday gift, heehee =P

** pics credit to Tqah & Boy


  1. i been there a month ago!!!

  2. I supposed you owe me one more jeans as it was stated in your budget. tq. oh can you give the credits to me for taking pictures. haha

  3. jess : the food is yummy, aite??? hehhe =D

    tqah : hahahah, tqah ni mmg x reti bersyukur daa, kira baik hati lah kina bagi prejen tu tau, haahaa =D tunggulah kina gaji nanti okie, ^_^

  4. Wah meriahnye your family, ramai girls plak tu. Huhuu must be fun to share your makeups with all your sisters eh.

    BTW to Ayna's lil sister, Happy Belated Birthday!

  5. kitorg ni dah terlebih meriah sampai i x de privacy pulak, hehehhe =P diorg x minat pun makeup, tp hbs je makeup i diorg main, hahaha =D

  6. suke2 jer jual nama filem BANGKOK DANGEROUS.. :P dah tengok lom Bangkok Dangerous?

  7. yela pakcik, x kan nak letak bangkok bank pulak tajuk die, hehhehe =P dah tgk dah muvee die, besh2!!! ^_^


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