Waiting for tonight...

This was probably the craziest thing I ever done this year and to make it worst suddenly I was swamped with exam, assignment and so much drama, huh~ But nothing can distract me from the long awaited Estee Lauder Sales, hehhhe =P

My night started with the Laura Mercier (I felt French everytime I pronounce the name, hahha =D) private makeup lesson at Pavillion with Hanna... (thanks gurl for the voucher n_n) I loooove the products so much especially their flawless makeup range...^_^ The SA also very2 helpful and teach us quite a number of makeup trick and tips, me likey!!! Their concept are pretty much like Bobbi Brown where they emphasize on more natural look which suit me very2 well... I must said, I'm started to fall for Laura Mercier now, =P

The Laura Mercier Flawless range n_n

After the lesson, me and Hanna heading to the nearest 24hours McD to killing time before we move to our last destination... We spend hours eating, reading magz, gossiping, trading beauty tips and do our shopping list, hehhehe =P (I actually bring my pillow, drinking water, UNO game, mp3 and books but didn't have the oppurtunity to use any of them, hahhah =D) At 3 am, we started getting paranoid and slowly making our way to the Renaissance Hotel...

Thank god, we are among the early birds arrived and not long after that Vonvon (shopaholic mama ^_^) Miu2 (warehouse sales queen, heehe =P) and I also got to meet new friends like Cai (she's more dramatic than my mum, hahaha =D) Jess (very funny la this girl =P)
Jennifer @ Tutu (sorry girl, I confused u with Jess coz u both look alike, hehee =P) and Aesha (she said I look younger than my age, perasan jap, huhu =D) joining our shopaholic team (we coming up with several strategies on how to attack the sales, hehhe @_@) and the time flies quickly with more and more people swarming the Grand Ballroom entrance...

my 4 in the morning poses with Hanna & Miu, huhuhu~ n_n **

our sales attack discussion, heehee =P **

I actually plan to buy only DKNY Bedelicious EDP & body lotion, Bobbi Brown @ MAC eye primer but going crazy after seen lots of great bargain, huhu~ Too bad I bring limited cash only so I have to be contend with my little purchase, sob2 T-T Anyway, I'm quite happy with my haul, I bought lots of Bobbi Brown (Eye Shadow + Blusher + Lippies), get limited edition DKNY Bedelicious EDP & MAC eye base + pencil and gel eyeliner which I swap with Hanna & Lynn (another new friend I met ^_^) My only regret??? I didn't bought any body lotion that I can keep as gifts for my family and friends... T-T

my little purchase, hehhe ^_~ **

After all the excitement and adrenaline rush, me and the girls go lepaking at KLCC and spend hours admiring each other stuff, gossiping and having our brunch... I couldn't stop laughing with the girls drama and craziness, LOL =P Around 11 a.m, I bought doughnuts for my sisters and making my way back home... I still cant't believe how I'm able to function without any sleep, huhu~ Will I do it again??? Are you kidding me??? Of course I will, hehe @_@

** pics credit to Miu2, Hanna & Gossip 38


  1. uwaaa ayna!! me wan bobbi brown!! i never own any bobbi brown stuff yet..so jelous u got quite a number of it :( ....next year we go kay!! hehehe anything u wanna swap ?? let me know :)

  2. i think everyone is regret for not buying more.......i think everyone same lor.....hahaha

    next year la ok.....<-----i keep tell this to myself hahahaha

    tutu j

  3. Mizz Ayna..you should have grabbed more stuffs la. Btw, nice haul :). Get enuff rest & catch up with your beauty sleep...and good luck with your assignments & what not. Take care...bye bye

  4. Again? Haha selamat berjuang la yea next year. Oh maybe I'll join again? Next time we must include Lisa, hohohoo~

    Aiseh felt really bad lor x didnt join u guys fr brekkie after that. Wuhuu~

  5. Whoaaa sooooo jealous tengok u all punye stuffs. so sad cannot join.huhu...how much u beli dkny be delicious? put2 ol da pics. tak saba nih nak tengok ;P

  6. lisa : so many bobbi brown stuff la, makes me a little greedy, hehheh =P
    next year we raid the sales together ya!!!

    tutu j : next year must bring more money la, or will ended up regret not buying more, huhu~

    suzie : i'm pokai already because of stila, have to limit my spending la this time, T-T sob2 anyway, thanks dear for the wishes!!!

    hanna : its ok, next time we can hang out again, hehehhe =D btw, lisa can bring her son too next year EL sales attack, hahaha =D

    tqah : hadiah bday tqah yg laen le, hahaha =D

    cuna : x pe girl, next year ade lagi, leh start save dr sekrg, hehehhe =P DKNY 50ml tu harga dia RM100, still cheaper than retail, nyesal lak x amek lebih, huhu~

  7. wuwuuw..how can u compare me with ur mum..

  8. both of you are drama queen la, hehehhe =P update la ur blog cai2 ^_^

  9. besh bile ade duit je, bile pokai sedih jadinye, sob2 T-T


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