Never Say Never...

July seems like a very promising month to me... And I'm happy to say that I can't hardly wait for many good things to come, hehhehe ^_~ My trip??? I admit that I'm quite skeptical about it before but I love the challenge and curious to experience it myself... Too bad I can't bring my digicam with me so there's no pics to upload... Anyway, it's certainly an eye opening adventure... I met lots of great people that inspire me to enjoy life and live it to the fullest...

One of them is a blind girl name Nadzirah, who lost both her parents but still radiated with positivity and energy... I can never imagine what I'll do if I'm in her shoes, probably shrinking myself away from others and dwell in self-pity T-T... What amazed me the most is her independence, determination and zest for life that I never seen in anyone else before... I truly respect and admire her strength to overcome all the tragedies in her life... I wish she will have everything she deserve and so much more, amin~

I also met a guy who teach me a cool kickboxing moves, hehhehe =P (I'm not being naughty, okey wink2) Other than that, I do met a single mother who struggle to raise her kids and started a new life without her husband presence... Your spirit and courage will definitely paid off later on, girl ^_^ One thing I realize back then is how lucky I am compared to some of these people... I have a wonderful family and friends that have been my backbone and support system all this while... Thank q so much to all of you for believing in me and love me the way I am... n_n

I never thought that I'm gonna love my days over there but honestly, I really looking forward for more trip like this in the future... We can never say never because we never know what we gonna miss... So guys, get ur gear, lets climb the mountain and explore the nature, hehhe @_@ Gambate!!!


  1. Hmm mcm Kem Bina Insan je bunyinye? Hehee. Honeslty, I hate outdoorsy activities! Huhu least I pna la meredah hutan belantara, guling2 dlm lumpur, mandi air lombong yg bekeladak, tido dlm khemah yg berbau hamis...hahha those were the days.

    Glad that u enjoy ur days there. =) Yup sometimes we forget just how lucky we actually are.

  2. Lebih kurang mcm tu la, hehehhe =P
    I love outdoor activities but only if I'm allowed to bring all my stuff la, =P I actually forgot to bring my insect repellent and I look like hell, hahahha =D

  3. great to hear that you really enjoyur so called "trip". ekekekeke ada laki ensem sik??

  4. ada2, tp semuanya bukan taste aku, huhuhuhu T-T


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