Nothing Less Than Ordinary With The Ordinary Coverage & Serum Foundation

I've been let down over and over again by overrated, high-end foundation so I guess why not I change direction and set my sight on a cheaper alternative instead. That's basically how I end up with not one but two highly rave and cult favourite foundation from The Ordinary. Since it's so affordably priced, I decided to purchase both version; coverage and serum right away. All the review I read looks promising, the website information is very thorough and the shade selection is quite easy to figure out with, who am I to say no to all that, right?

Style Diary : Lovely Lace

Hello again May, you know you'll always be my favorite month. It's so much more special this year, we welcome Ramadhan this time around and of course, Tun M is making a spectacular comeback for Malaysian as well! Political aside, it's also my son and I birthday month and mother's day too so we're a little busy preparing for everything. Thank god the long weekend came just in the right time, I finally have more time to spend with family and close friends. I just wish it will never end, we could use more days like this, right?

Ignite Your Tropical Senses With Elianto Musang King Collection

You don't get to call yourself Malaysian if you have no idea what "Musang King" is. It's the most sought after durian and treated like a national treasure here, thanks to it's thick, creamy texture and not so cheap price. I'm not really into exotic food to be honest but Elianto Musang King makeup collection definitely piqued my interest. I'm really excited to test and see what it's all about! I've heard about durian inspired coffee, cake and even cookies. Beauty products however seems to be too good to be true, is it going to capture the king of all fruits in all it's glory? 

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