Ammaar's First Day Of Work @ KidZania, KL

Hello lovelies, I guess it's not too late to wish all of you a very Happy New Year! How is your 2020 so far? Mine is pretty calm surprisingly but hey, it's too early to say, who knows what the future might hold! A little recap for those of you who might be wondering, my baby boy Ammaar is not so little anymore, he will be turning 5 this May and already in preschool this year. He's such a great kid, I'm beyond grateful, Alhamdulillah. Always so gentle and kind, funny and independent too. Can't believe how fast he is growing up, I can barely keep up! 

Back to the topic at hand, I usually avoid crowded places at all cost but seeing how happy and excited he was during our trip to Legoland last year (I promised I'll blog about it when I'm done compiling the photos) made me forgo all that and let my sisters treat him with a visit to Kidzania, KL. It's been ages since their last hang out session together and I completely trust them when it comes to Ammaar's safety and health. So they went during weekdays (obviously without me) and thankfully keeps me up to date via phone throughout the journey.

Here's a little information about Kidzania, KL that I've gathered so far. It's a 2 floor indoor family themed learning centre that offers interactive learning and role play experiences for kids located at the The Curve, Mutiara Damansara. It's open on Sunday to Friday (except Monday) from 10pm to 5pm meanwhile on Saturday, Public Holiday and School Holiday the opening hours is from 10pm to 7pm. The entrance fee varies depending on your child age; it's free for children under 2 years old, RM44 for 2 - 3 years old and RM89 for 4 - 17 years old. You can get 10% discounts when you purchased your tickets online and yes, they charged chaperoning adults as well.

Some of the things that parents might have overlooked, there are waiting lines and specific hiring times for popular jobs such as pilot, firefighter, doctor so come early to avoid disappointment. Since there are almost 60 establishment to explore, you can plan your time efficiently by moving from the first floor downward to steer away from the massive crowd. Only your kids are allowed to queue unfortunately, just make sure you brief them beforehand and prepare them with books or toys to occupy their time while waiting.

Another thing you should be aware of, there are limited food choices in here and the price is quite expensive. Due to their no outside food policy, I highly suggest you feed your kids first before entering so they can enjoy the whole experience without unnecessary drama. They have prayer room, changing room and parents lounge too should you choose to sneak away from the huzz and buzz for a while. Afraid not, every kids will be given their own RFID bracelets which is uniquely installed with identity chip to keep track of their whereabouts.   

I do feel worried initially, Ammaar is kind of small compared to the other kids here and I'm afraid he can't fully understand the whole concept of earning money yet. Again, he surprised us with his resilience and adaptability. He knew he have to work hard before he can enjoy the fruit of his labor. He tried his hands at being a firefighter, a surgeon and can't stop telling me about his favourite job, a pump attendant! I'm so freaking proud of him, patiently waited for his turns, listening to the staff instruction attentively and even brings some money home for mommy.

While most of the establishment at the Kidzania give the kids opportunity to earn money (the currency name is kidZos by the way), they can also spend it here for items and services. Ammaar used his hard earn money for a visit to the Vitagen laboratory and Faber Castell coloring activity. He managed to catch the magic show and had his face painted as well. This kid really know how to indulge himself, lol They can also opted to save their kidZos in saving account or apply for debit card to use within the Kidzania nation. Isn't that awesome?

We're quite lucky that Ammaar seems to love his time at Kidzania but there's some minor details that we kind of missed like the minimum height required for some of the job and of course, most of the career here were tailored for school kids who can actually read. Sadly for a 4.5 years old boy like Ammaar who is still in the midst of learning the alphabets, there are very limited profession to choose from. Hopefully we'll get the chances to come again later in future when Ammaar is slightly bigger and a lot more wiser to enjoy the rest of the establishment. Until then, have a wonderful week ahead lovelies and I'll try my best to keep on posting, adieu~

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