Style Diary : Specks Of Gold

Eversince I became a mother, I always go for practicality over fashion. All black attire which is great at camouflaging stain is definitely my top pick, followed closely by printed dress just because I can get away wearing it without ironing, hee~ The same goes for the scarf too, I would choose either dark shades or printed one in case my son spilled something on me... It happened numerous times before so I guess better safe than sorry, right? Of course it will be so much cooler if I can have the best of both world combined exactly like what I'm wearing here =)

There are nothing special about my comfortable and predictable black shirt and jeans, so I decided to spice it up with a little specks of gold to the entire look by adding the limited edition Alhambra Duck in Gold and my Chelsea's diaper backpack from Skiphop. Black and gold looks like a match made in heaven, isn't it? I really like the simplicity of the scarf design, very subtle and chic. The backpack that doesn't look anything like diaper bag on the other hand is another story, I love it way too much so I think it kind of deserve a post on its own!!!

Scarf | dUCk
Top & Pants | Dorothy Perkins
Bag | Skip Hop
Shoes | Christy Ng

I still believe its possible to look fashionable without compromise the practicality side of it. You just need to be adventurous and experiment with different style or trend to see how it goes. I never really thought of completing my looks with diaper bag before but it turns out pretty well and quickly becoming a new favorite of mine. It's fancy and sexy, nobody would ever think it's full with all things baby =P What do you think of the black and gold combination? Share your thoughts with me and until then, I'm wishing you an awesome week ahead lovelies, adieu~


  1. Skip Hop makes the most stylish diaper bag ever! I used to have the Chelsea Satchel under Skip Hop, been loving it tapi cam dah rosak. Thanks for introducing this backpack version, maybe I'll consider then we can matchy2 haha <3

    1. I know, right? Lovin all the designs they have but Chelsea & Greenwich are my top fav <3 <3 <3 That kind of cool since we always matchy2 unintentionally, hehehe =P


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