Because You Worth It...

the worth every penny book, ^_^

One thing I love the most besides freebies is definitely discounts!!! And to get it in bulk and for various products and services certainly will make you feel like the luckiest person in Malaysia or in the world, hehehe =P I love books and shopping, and the combination of both obviously, so when I heard about the "Worthy Book", I felt very curious and an overwhelming need to have it!!! Thanks to Worthy Book and Miu2, I finally got my hands on it, yeahaa~ @_@.

among the vouchers that caught my eyes

great discounts from The Asia Spa =)

This book not only provides discounts for dining at restaurants like Tony Rama's, Kenny Rogers, Manhattan Fish Market or Sakae Sushi, it also come with special rates for vacation at Berjaya Resorts and Pacific Regency Hotel besides spa's promotion from the likes of Jojoba Spa or Aster Spring and so much more!!! Not to forget it also have offers from Borders, Canon and Cuffz too!!! It's a great bargain for all of us who lead a city lifestyle without spending as much as we used to because just like it's name, for only RM35, this book is definitely worth it, wink2

p.s : for more information, you can visit Worthy Books Facebook page and enjoy 30% discount when you mention my blog name... Have fun shopping @ saving, girls !!! *_*

Facing the Book...

killing the time with camwhoring @ the Hot Magazine's booth n_n

Last week, me and almost hundred other lucky winners from Hot Magazine's Facebook page got the honor to attend their special screening of one of the most anticipated movie this year, The Social Network @ TGV KLCC...

I won 2 tickets for the screening plus complimentary drink and popcorn (kinda cool isn't it??? I lurrrve popcorn, wink2) Thank you so much Hot Magazine + TGV for the treat, love ya~ =)

So, I ask my gossip girl, Anie to join me since she's really curious about the movie, and so do yours truly, ngee~ This is my second movie @ TGV KLCC for the week after Rapunzel 3D so I'm quite excited to watch the movie everyone raving about ^_^

the tickets & the vouchers I won, weeee~

I'm greedy, I know, heehee x)

This movie as most of you guys probably know is about the story behind the conception of one of the largest social network, the "Facebook"... Being an avid user of Facebook myself, I have nothing but respect to the brain behind the world phenomenon =)

The movie is quite hilarious and genius I must said, I do get lost in translation here and there (when they talk about all the hacker stuff) but the razor sharp wit and humor is definitely entertaining and worth watching, wink2

The college life there is nothing like what we had in M'sia... It's quite hard to blend in, to be noticed and to have fun without all the right connection from fraternity or any other social hieraki, this is mainly the inspiration behind the creation of Facebook, believe it or not...

me & Anie, my bodyguard of the day, wink2

I absolutely have no idea of the journey, effort and hard work the founder, Mark Zuckerberg and his team going through to make their dream a reality... I definitely blown away by all the things that we seem to take for granted and how it affecting our life nowadays...

For example, without Facebook, I don't think we can even communicating frequently with someone that we haven't met for almost 10 years, don't you think??? Or maybe sharing your feelings and opinion with someone you barely know... I believe lots of us have one way or another rely on Facebook to keep tabs on our friends and family rather than meeting them on daily basis, don't we???

Anyway, me and Anie certainly have a blast laughing, admiring, hating and loving all the characters... Mark Zuckerberg maybe the youngest billionaire in the world but he lead a very lonely life, with no real friends and without the love of his life... (according to the movie la, not solely based on my perception, okey~) all the money really comes with a huge price tag (law suits and friend-less life) it's quite depressing and sad life to live, I felt sorry for him actually T_T

But I'm very2 fascinated by his drive, passion and determination to achieve his goal and mission, he shared the same birth date as me so I can identify some of the Taurus's mule headed personality in him~ @_@ My verdict??? Go watch the movie if you're looking for a smart/serious comedy and if you don't, watch Rapunzel instead, it's action flick + Disney, you can't get any better than that, hehehhe =P

I'm so gonna watch "The Tourist", can't resist the urge to plastered myself next to Johnny Depp though, ^_~ move away Angelina, let Ayna take your place, hihihi =P

Love is All Around...

I know that my birthday had passed like centuries ago, but unfortunately, like my other posts, I'm too lazy to blog about it, heehee =P This year I got probably the best birthday presents ever, thanks to all my lovely family and friends for making my 26th years of living, a very happy2 year indeed, wink2

presents from my family, x)

This year I got 5 cute La Senza lacey hipsters from my sis, Zura =), she definitely know how much I heart my knickers, wink2 From my sis, Atiqah I got a very sexy chic red Vincci's purse that I adore so much, @_@ arigato gozaimaz sistah, ^_~ My mum gave me money which I later used to bought something that I've been eyeing for quite sometimes, Bobbi Brown's Oil Free Foundation + MAC Prep & Prime Lip Primer, love you mama n_n And from my daddy, I got a brand new bookshelve + cabinet to fit in all my books collection, and it match my guitar color too, thanks to my daddy, now my books have a new home, heehee =P

gifts from my close friends, n_n

My bff for more than 10 years, Deya had given me something that make me flying over the moon... She knew everything from Benefit & Stila will drive me crazy, so this year she gave me Sugarbomb to add to my Benefit collection, thank q so much babe, muahsss ^_~ My wondergirls - Stacy & Mieza gave me a brooch set for my kebaya (I heart all my kebaya okey, heehee =P) and a cute pillow for my car, thanks girls for the thought, wink2 And from my gossip girl a.k.a confidante, Ani I got accessories set in purple, which consist of necklace, bracelet, brooch and earring, thank you dearie~ @_@

pressies from my blogger friends ^_~

I also got couples of birthday pressies from my blogger friends whom I met and knew because of our mutual love for Stila whom I befriend ever since =) We trade gossips, beauty information and even secrets sometimes, wink2... It's been a bless to knew this girls throughout these years and I really2 thank god I met such a wonderful bunch of people, ^_^

Anyway, I received my first ever Chanel lip gloss from Miu2 chan, thank you so much girl, I love it very2 much, heehee =P From Cuna and her husband Meor, I got my first Lancome ombres palette in a are very2 lovely shades of green, it even matched my "baju raya", thank you Cuna & Meor, I'm lovin' it!!! n_n

From Harim, I got the last piece of my limited edition Melinda Looi's Shu Uemura lashes!!! She even go all the way to persuade Miu2 plotting and planning to surprise me, I've been punk'd by both of them but it's very2 cute indeed, thank you Harim, I heart the lashes so freakin' much, @_@ Lastly from Hanna, I got a cute makeup compartment filled with Bonnabell's black eyeliner + Sephora's mini lip glosses + NYX blusher and Victoria Secret's lip gloss... Practically my first taste of everything, thank you honey, it's very2 thoughtful of you, I'm so excited to tried something that isn't available in Msia yet, hihihi x)

Last but not least I got a very2 unusual gift from my bf, he knew I've a weakness for guitar players, so he definitely know how to impress yours truly, hehehe =P He made a special video of himself playing and singing my favorite song from Switchfoot exclusively for me, ngee~ I can't hardly keep my eyes of him, he's quite good, wink2 I'm so tempted to post the video here but since it's for my private view only, I rather keep it that way, wink2 Thank you sweetheart n_n

Thank you everybody who go to all the trouble to make my birthday a very joyful celebration this year, I cherish every single gifts I got and love all of you for your thought and kindness ^_^ I'm very grateful to knew such a wonderful people like you guys and to know that no matter what, I have your love all around me, I'm being dramatic I know but it's true you see, I have the best parent, siblings, bff, my wonder girls + gossip girl + blogger girls + bf in the world, heehee =P Love you guys so much, muahssssss @_@


my book haul - I'm lovin' it, ^_~

I only planned to grab couple of books @ BookXcess, Amcorp Mall today but the stock just arrived and lots of books definitely caught my attention... Anyway, this is my second visit to BookXcess, what I can say is, they really know how to impress bookaholic like yours truly, wink2... I love the extra touch like the free bookmark with every purchases and the 10% discount for card members... God know how stingy MPH and Kinokuniya can be, huh~

This time around, I bought a Sephora makeup guide book (for my friend upcoming bday) + 2 Madeleine Wickham books (also known as Sophie Kinsella) + Cupcakes recipe books (for a friend) + Creative Card Design book (for my little sis) + 2 Dorothy Koomson books (I've read her books review and curious to know whether her work could live up to my expectation,wink2) + Greg Iles - The Devil's Punchrowl (he's genius, one of the best in fact ^_^) + Jimi Hendrix biography (his more than a musician to me, he's legendary n_n) + Tess Gerritsen's thriller (for my sis) and last but not least, Marley & Me movie tie-in (it's a bargain I can't refuse, hee~)

I'm very very excited with my haul and can't wait to come again!!! Thank you sweetie for your treat, love u dear, muahssss ^_~

Arabian Princess...

After having my free facial @ 128 Faubourg Salon by Sothy's as mention in my previous post here, I still got lots of time to kill before meeting my friends... So, I'm thinking of treating myself with manicure & pedicure session but unfortunately every nail parlour at Bangsar Village 2 were fully booked at that time...

I'm bored and there's no bookshop nearby so I'm just wasting my time checking out all the stores in the shopping mall... And then I came across a very unique entrance to a spa name "Hammam" and follow my curiosity to enter this place... It have a very intimate and sort of mysterious feels, I'm instantly fascinated and captivated...

entrance to the mysterious sanctuary =P

Suddenly, I remembered I read about it here back in August in Miu2's blog... The spa name "Hammam" actually referred to Arabic word which means spreader of warmth... This spa were inspired by famous Turkish Bath with a Moroccon twist... They used lots of unique ingredients from all over the world for the treatment worthy of Arabian's princess such as henna, huile sacre, seaweed citron, alum crystal, rose argile, and so much more...

luxurious oils from all over the world ^_~

I'm having a hard time to pick which treatment I would love to try the most and thank god they were having special Ramadhan promotion at that time and I made my mind immediately... It's a very2 good deal which not only includes their popular treatments but also additional stuff too for only RM250 :- - Purifying foot scrub with ginger & tea tree dead sea salt (with 26 healing mineral) - Hammam (bath) & Gommage (scrub) with tea tree black soap - 1 hour massage with Orange & Geranium oil - Bois de Rose face and foot massage

- Hibiscus & Lemon Tea (for those who were not fasting)

the Ramadhan's package n_n

I'm a little nervous at first because I knew this is not like the typical spa I've been before... You'll be treated like a queen (like in medieval era) when everything from getting a shower, get dress and even combing your hair will be done by hired help for you... But it's soon forgotten when I stepped into their changing room...

They giving out a set of fancy robe, paper bra and panty for me to change... Despite the traditional interior, the lockers are quite hi-tech with cool magnetic opening which can be open with a special water resistant bracelet given earlier upon my sign in... I started to feel very very excited and adventurous, hehehe =P

hi tech locker for all your stuff & belongings @_@

the tiny changing room~

When I told you guys this spa is not like the typical spa, I really meant that in this spa, there is one lady assign to do your bidding, she will shower you, soaping you body, shampoo-ing your hair, scrubbing your whole body and massage you too... So, you'll be practically naked in front of the lady most of the time... 

I never feel more exposed but strangely, this experience makes me felt quite confident with my body like never before, hahaha =D The Hammam & Gommage session are very interesting since the last time I checked it, only my parents have showered me before, it felt a little weird and funny but I like the fact that someone will attend to my every wish and need, wink2 @_@ 

The special black soap they used make it more easier to remove all the body dead cells when the scrubbing session took place... Its not for the sensitive skin however because its quite painful but you can always ask the lady to be more gentle... 

After Hammam & Gommage, I was taken to the hall for the Purifying Foot Scrub treatment... It's taken all the edges from wearing 3 inches all day from me while waiting for available room for my massage session... The hall as you can see from this picture below is decorated beautifully with a blend of traditional and modern interior... I love the cozy chairs and the warm mode they have here, its felt so homey and relaxing n_n

the mesmerizing hall =)

And soon after my foot scrub, I was escorted to the massage room... They also offered special packages for couple with more luxurious and fabulous room, this info will definitely become handy when I get married later, heehee =P 

In this package, they have chosen mixture of orange and geranium oil for me, so the masseuse lathered a generous amount of the oil to my body... The oil smell is very2 soothing and refreshing, I kind of like it =) I choose the Swiss massage technique because I can't handle the painful traditional massage very well and I'm glad I did, it's one of the best body massage I ever had!!!

After finished with the massage, I was escorted again to the hall for the Bois de Rose Face and Foot Massage, the treatment concentrated on crucial points in face and foot to help relax the muscles and make you more energized and radiant... This is a great finishing end for the whole spa experience before I'm heading for another agenda...

I'm giving this spa 5 out of 5 stars for the royal treatment and great services, I'm eager to come back again and suggesting this spa for those feeling like pampering yourself silly or maybe if you want to feel like a queen =) This spa also provided special package for bride to be, mother and daughter, couple and even open for a party, cool isn't it??? ^_^

So check out this spa if you're in the close proximity of Bangsar and you can always ask for the current promotion since the Ramadhan's package is no longer available or you guys can opted for another similar package, My Favorite Concubine (hammam & gommage + massage + body polish) ... Till then, love yourself and treat yourself once in while because you absolutely worth it, wink2

Face Off...

I'm not usually this lucky, but maybe it's about time I experienced this winning streak, hehehe =P If you still wondering what the hell I'm talking about, well most my dear friends already knew, If they didn't, I definitely made it my mission to let they knew, wink2 Anyway, the not so fresh news is, I won SHAPE's magazine contest for 2 consecutive months, heee~

It almost hard to believe but I'm very2 happy and thrilled that my hard work squeezing my brain for the best slogans finally paid off, hehehe x) I won facial & neck treatment from 128 Faubourg Salon by Sothys (Shape May'10 issue) & also La Senza voucher worth RM200 (Shape June'10 issue), yeay ^_^ !!!

I wish I had taken the pics of my La Senza's haul though but unfortunately I don't, but if you guys curious about what I bought with the RM200 voucher, here's the hint :- it's hot pink with bling2, wink2 (it ryhmes, n_n)

The 128 Faubourg's treatment is definitely something to die for, minus the rude beautician, everything else were totally live up to it's name (they won several awards internationally ^_~) I feel thoroughly cleansed, pampered and relax =) It's a little expensive than the normal facial rate but it's really2 worth it!!! @_@

They offered lots of different packages which tailored to suit your skin problems and concern... As I have oily, acne prone skin, it's a good thing I won the Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment, yeay!!! =) The beautician suggested me to do the treatment every 3 weeks and introduced several Sothys products for me to try at home...

They didn't allowed their customer to take pictures in their premises so I only managed to snap few pictures when the beautician leave me alone to change, huhu~ I'll let the pictures do all the talking ya, wink2

lucky me ^_^

the 128 Faubourg's salon @ Bangsar Village =)

the little locker for clothes *.*
(I've no idea why they ask me to remove all my clothes, It's only facial btw, huhu~)

the space for shoes/handbag/stuff n_n

picture of tranquility @_@

sneak peak on the products used for the treatment ^_~

foot bath session before the treatment, me likey =P

the very inviting bed, hee~ x)

The treatment took about 2 hours which I'm having a hard time to remember all the details since I'm dozing off most of the time, heehee =P

I'm giving their salon 3 out of 5 stars not because I dislike it, but it's because of the rude beautician which I think act that way due to my free of charge treatment, huhu~ it's fine by me because now I won't ever feel tempted to come again and I can save money to buy other stuff instead, hahaha =D

Anyway, thanks SHAPE magazine for both prizes, it's definitely made me very happy for a long long time, luv ya ^_~

Books Haven...

book-a-licious ^_~

I know I should have study for my midterm exam instead of hanging out at bookstore and spending money again but shopping for books also considered as study in my dictionary, hehehe =P Anyway, I was introduced to BookXcess by a blogger friend, Kitty, thank q so much girl for the info and I've been stalking their facebook page eversince, hehehe =P

In case you guys didn't know or never heard of
BookXcess before, they are selling overprinted books with lots of discount around 50%-70% from the retail price!!! ^_^ But the stock is quite limited, it's on first come first serve basis, so you must be extremely alert and fast, wink2

Anyway, I went for my first BookXcess @ Amcorp Mall visit last Saturday, and OMG, I almost going crazy looking at all the books and the price tag!!! For the first time ever, I just took every books I want without even thinking, hehehe =P Thank god, everything is within my budget and I got more than I'm expecting, yeay!!! @_@

As you can see from the above pic, I managed to grabbed 3 Bobbi Brown's books (for my friend bday & for myself n_n) + DSLR guide book (for another of my friend bday ^_^) + American Classic Car - Ford Mustang history (for my bf - he's a big Mustang fan ^_~) + Natsuo Kirino's & Alice Sebold latest book + few chic lit + The Duchess movie tie-in =)

I absolutely love everything I bought & excited to stocking up again after my midterm, hehehe =P There are so much more books out there still waiting for me, wink2

Fallin' for Falsies...

Sweetie candy =)

I'm too preoccupied to blog lately, my lappy is crappy so I'm not that eager to go online anymore, but of course, the urge to blog is still there despite all the troubles, hehehe =P Anyway, I'm doing a little fragrance shopping from Miu2 few months ago for my bff birthday and for myself...

It's the Limited Edition DKNY BeDelicious Candy Apple in purple and Lancome Tresor In Love... If you know me very well you probably can tell which one is mine and which one is for my bff, wink2 I love mine so much and I'm happy to know that she loved hers too....

A little sneak peek on my Melinda Looi's Limited Edition Shu Uemura's falsies, pretty isn't it??? There's one cute story behind this lashes collection, I will let you guys know in my upcoming post ya, till then, be happy & stay gorgeous, girls!!! ^_^

It's fashion meets falsies ^_^

Dorian Gray...

Every year during durian season, my dad will invite our close relatives & family friends for a little gathering @ our kebun located at Hulu Langat, Selangor... It has been our family tradition since I'm 10 years old to spend our weekend here to relax and get away from the busy city... Little by little the 10 acres jungle is now turning into a beautiful garden and soon it will be open for public...

Of course besides durian, we have other fruits like rambutan, dukung, ciku & langsat too... So we cherish people close to us every year with private tour to our secret sanctuary to enjoy the experience that they won't get anywhere else in KL... I'm not a fan of durian myself but I have fun watching others enjoying it =) Being with all these people is something I don't wanna miss, and I have a blast despite the rainy and muddy day @_@

Just a few pics to make all the durian fanatic mouth out there watered, hehehe =P To add the salt to your injury, our durian is one of the most sought after breed in Hulu Langat and people are willing to pay good money just for the seeds alone!!! I'm not exaggerating you know, Chinese men especially love our durian, they ask for the seeds all the time... Anyway guys, enjoy the pics, wink2

my dad pride & joy n_n

under the canopy (",)

the main entree~ =)

up, close & personal ^_^

sideway view x)

can't hardly wait =P

no turning back =D

die hard fan *_*

sharing is caring @_@

eating durian western style n_n

true durian lover, hahaha =D

destiny child, heehee =P

enjoying rambutan straight from the tree x)

we also have freshwater fishes like tilapia, keli, baung, patin, haruan (just to name a few) for sell - it's 100% organic and fresh from the ponds... Interested??? Just let me know ya, ^_~

Hunting season...

it's free & easy ^_^

What would you do in the middle of the month and you don't have enough money to shop??? Well, it's time to hunt for the freebies, yeay!!! I'm very2 lazy when it comes to hunting freebies but thanks to Hanna, who inspired me to start collecting freebies, I have at least reason to visit shopping mall again, weeeee \\^_^// (without have to pay anything of course, wink2)

Estee Lauder Parkson KLCC SA's is quite generous as usual, and gave me quite a lot of samples to try on, thanks sweetie =) I also redeem a facial & samples from Isetan KLCC Origin's counter, thanks Hanna dear for the voucher, wink2 Also not to forget, the magic cream from Lancome, Genifique tube sample, I'm lovin' it very2 much =P

For Hanna, I redeem on behalf of her the 7's Simple wipes & lens solution from Cleo magazine since she's now at Yong Peng, Johor... (it's full size, quite impressive, don't you think??? @_@) I see lot's more at Guardian KLCC up for grab for Cleo reader, go fast girls!!! n_n

I love all the freebies I scored this time around & excited to hunt for more, can't wait for my next hunting season, wink2

Cheap tricks...

my July's makeup spree ^_~

It's definitely a sin to me not shop and stocking up when it's sales, don't you girls feel the same way too??? hehehe =P I'm curious actually with Stage, a cosmetic line that I never attempt to try before... Anyway, after reading Harim's blogging about their crazy sales here, I persuaded my sis to tag along with me and get something for her early birthday present and for myself too, of course =) Thank you so much dear for the info, wink2

We only want to buy eyeliners and lipsticks at first, but after that we get sucked in by the very charming SA, Chloe and bought a lot more than we planning too... It's quite cheap than the normal price and I obviously can't say no... They also giving out free membership for more than RM200 purchase... You'll get free makeover + points (which can later used to buy their makeup) + workshop + sales invitation and so much more...

We bought eyeliner, lipstick, lipgloss, primer, foundation, compact powder, brush cleanser, and concealers... It's really2 worth it, even drugstore brand can't get this cheap!!! We were very2 pleased with our haul and smile all the way home, heehee x) Due to sooo many sales that happen at the same time, I decided to get my hands on more inexpensive makeup this time around and Loreal's new quad collection really looks like a good deal to me =) There are 4 palettes to choose from and I instantly fall for the Pink Mania and Aquadisiac...

Despite the cheap price, the quality of the colors wasn't compromise and I can even said better than some high end brands!!! With the current discount at Guardian, you can bought 4 palettes at the same price of one Bobbi Brown palette, impressing isn't it??? Go try and swatch the colors to decide for yourselves and don't simply take my words on it, you'll love it, n_n

Last but not least is Baviphat Apple Jelly Lip Scrub which I discovered after reading Fatin's post here... Thanks to her, I now find something that's working and cheaper than Bodyshop's Lip Scuff or Benefit's Dr Feelgood Lipscription... I love it very2 much and wishing they come up with a lot more flavor... I highly recommended this one to all of you who seek for lip treatment for your dry and chapped lips, I believe your man will definitely notice the differences, wink2

[Giveaway] Girl Interrupted...

I heart the book covers, it's love at first sight @_@

I've been super duper busy this couple of months and will getting busier and busier possibly till Raya, so I hardly have time to blog in peace anymore... but I'll try to make an effort to entertain you guys, or at least to entertain myself with writing more post soon, hehe =P One of the things that keep me busy are The Stieg Larsson Millennium Trilogy Books... 

These books are probably the best action series that I've came across since Robert Ludlum's Bourne and Harlan Coben's Myron Bolitar!!! I heard rumours that Hollywood will adapt the books into movie franchise soon!!! Cool isn't it??? =) It's actually written in Swedish by Stieg Larsson as his part time hobby but his books only published and became phenomenon all over the world after he was dead, poor guy =(

The story revolves around the heroin character , Lisbeth Salender who is a genius hacker that had a very dark and complicated past... She's a tough woman who trying very hard to find her own peace but unfortunately her demons still can't leave her alone after all these years... She's holding the secret to Swedish government conspiracy and suddenly everyone is against her except a fearless journalist, Mikael Bloomvist...

The only actress who I can imagine playing her character is definitely Angelina Jolie (part of it because of her Lara Croft alter ego and the other half because it's remind me of her earlier movie Hacker back in 1995, hehehe =P)It'll be anti-climax if I reveal all the storyline here so I'll keep my mouth and finger shut and let you guys figure it out yourself, wink2... 

One thing I can say, if you are a fan of conspiracy theory/ thriller/ mystery, you gonna love this series... It keep me up all night for days but it's really2 worth it!!! I personally love the second book, I think it's full of action and drama unlike most of thriller/mystery books today that lacked all the element of surprise and twist...

p.s : I have extra copy of the first and second book in this series guys/girls, I'll giving it out for free for one lucky reader... Just leave your comment here if you are interested before July 24th 2010 and I'll randomly select the winner later on... Till then, good luck everyone & have fun!!! ^_~

Green & Glam...

Go green and stay glam X)

What is the best way to go green without missing all the glam??? My answer is definitely shopping at Kiehl's, heehee =P Just kiddin, I'm trying to justify my reasons for visiting the latest Kiehl's store @ KLCC to myself actually, ^_~ And of course I can't just ignore the current promotion they are having right now at all Kiehl's outlet, RM10 rebate for every Rm100 purchase, yeay!!! \\^_^//

What's more, they are giving out free cute re-usable bag where you can choose from 4 gorgeous design which represent 4 different magazines that collaborate with Kiehl's for the Earth Day Programme - Eh, Glam, Female and Nuyou... I pick Glam Bag because I heart the design, and I got Glam magazine for free too!!! In real life, you won't see me buying or reading this coz I always considered it "mak datin" kind of magazine, hahaha =D

Anyway, I bought myself Kiehl's Blue Herbal Set to replace my Clinique 3 Steps Type 3 that I've been using since forever and hardly see any improvement at all =( I've done my research for quite some time and tried the Kiehl's samples before and instantly felt in love with the fresh and clean feeling it gave me... It smells a little like toothpaste but I still like it nevertheless ^_^ I got couple of other samples too that I can't hardly wait to try... I wish it can work it's magic on my full of flaw skin, heehee =P

Eye candy...

the new addition to my Benefit collection, n_n

I missed the Benefit Warehouse sales last year and I had vowed ever since that I won't make the same mistake again, heehee =P Unfortunately, I'm only human, I can't make it to both Benefit sales this year T-T But, thank god, I had successfully persuading 3 different person to do some shopping for me, ngee~ ^_^ Thanks Cuna, Miu and Doroshi for your help, you guys really2 make my day, wink2

I bought creaseless cream shadow/liner in 5 different shades- Hunny Bunny, Samba-dy Loves Me, Gossip, Stiletto and Flying Down To (I'm greedy, I know~ =P) and a brush set which consist of concealer brush, eye shadow brush, kabuki brush and a sharpener (I don't get why they include this in the set, hahaha =D) The brushes wasn't really in my list actually but it's too hard to resist @_@

The great thing about these eye shadows is, it can be used as an eyeliner too and it doesn't crease like most eye shadows at the end of the day, quite cool rite??? I bought 2 previously in Busy Signal & Recess, which I already swapped with other bloggers due to the similarity of the shades with my other Stila pallete..

Yet, I can't help buying more and more eye shadows, huhu~ my mum even ask me to eat it all if I like buying it so much, hahaha =D Well, I can't really blame her, I don't even used some of them anyway, heehee =P Do I want more??? You know I do, wink2

Older & Bolder...

I'm officially 26 years old today, tsk2 T_T As much as I hate getting older, I think it's quite cool anyway coz right now, younger men were chasing after me instead of married men, hahaha =D So, the best way to celebrate my birthday this year is with a new haircut, bolder and shorter of course, wink2

I always love my long wavy hair, it can look quite nice when I'm bothered to do so, but most of the time, it's hard to maintain and taking care of since im wearing scarf...Anyway, I'm very2 excited about my new haircut, it's sexier, cooler also with a touch of attitude and personality in it, ^_^
I'm not gonna reveal my new hairdo here obviously, but it looks a little like Charlize Theron's haircut in this picture (minus the blond and styling, hehehe =P) I'm lovin' it, n_n

Girls day out...

it's my bff, Deya & me ^_^

As mentioned earlier in my previous post, this post is about my KLCC Fashionista Acca Kappa & Benefit workshop... Me & my bff for almost 12 years, Deya had a very fabulous Girls Day Out at both events and had fun trading tons of gossip in between, heehee =P (we haven't seen each other for more than 1 month mind you, wink2)

Back to the workshop, I'm not really interested with Acca Kappa stuff, I only sign us in due to my curiosity... And I'm happy to see other familiar faces joined the workshop as well n_n
Acca Kappa actually is an Italian brand famous for their hair brushes range which surprisingly have couple of star products that I'm completely unaware of its existence before =)

For example they have hair brushes that can massage your scalp & help your blood circulation and also hair brushes purposely for shower usage... One more thing, you can also carved your name at the brushes for additional fee, quite cool isn't it???

Besides hair brushes, they also have skincare, bodycare, makeup brushes, fragrance and men products... Their skincare ranges are based on natural ingredients such as grapes, hibiscus, blueberry, just to name a few...

Besides products introduction and demonstration, Acca Kappa had invited stylist from A Cut Above to give hair makeover for anyone interested... I would love to get their hair brush/ scalp massager one day, it would be nice to pamper your scalp once in a while right??? @_@

Acca Kappa's workshop n_n

To occupy the 4 hours gap before the next Benefit workshop, we hang out @ Bisou, the new cupcakes stall at KLCC which I think served quite average cuppies (I still think Cupcake Chic is the best!!! ^_^) and very2 bad beverages... (for RM7 I do think I have the right to expecting more than instant drink, rite??? huh~ =_=)

After that, we shopped for Deya nieces and nephews @ Toys R Us and lucky us, they were having free membership promotion that day, weeee \\^_^// This can be handy when my little sisters bday coming up later, hehehe =P While browsing for Mother's Day Card @ Memory Lane, we both received RM5 gift voucher from the store which I later used to get discount for my Mother's Day card purchase @_@

We are not happy after had the cuppies & bad coffee =_=

I can't believe I actually thrilled getting this, hahhaha =D

Since we both love creative art very much, we used the remaining time to visit the current Art Exhibition @ Galeri Petronas... It's a very2 interesting way to spend your day, just walk in this gallery reminds me of the memories of us busting our ass to get our graphic assignment done which I didn't missed much actually, hehehe =P I wish we were allowed to take pics here because all the artwork are very2 gorgeous and unique in it's own way @_@

The NOVA's Art Exhibition flyers @_@

I didn't take any pics @ the Benefit's Workshop due to my digicam low battery, and it's quite similar with the previous Benefit party I had @ Pavillion anyway, with Matt demonstrating their latest product, Stay Don't Stray... This time around, I'm trying different products like the Bad Gal Plum Mascara + Sugarbomb and Velvet Eye Shadow which I'm starting to fall for, wink2

We bring back quite a lot of free stuff that day so I'm not really tempted to buy anything much~ (I'm very2 proud of myself!!! ^_^) Thank god for freebies and KLCC of course, heehee =P

Freebies, yeay!!! X)

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