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After having my free facial @ 128 Faubourg Salon by Sothy's as mention in my previous post here, I still got lots of time to kill before meeting my friends... So, I'm thinking of treating myself with manicure & pedicure session but unfortunately every nail parlour at Bangsar Village 2 were fully booked at that time...

I'm bored and there's no bookshop nearby so I'm just wasting my time checking out all the stores in the shopping mall... And then I came across a very unique entrance to a spa name "Hammam" and follow my curiosity to enter this place... It have a very intimate and sort of mysterious feels, I'm instantly fascinated and captivated...

entrance to the mysterious sanctuary =P

Suddenly, I remembered I read about it here back in August in Miu2's blog... The spa name "Hammam" actually referred to Arabic word which means spreader of warmth... This spa were inspired by famous Turkish Bath with a Moroccon twist... They used lots of unique ingredients from all over the world for the treatment worthy of Arabian's princess such as henna, huile sacre, seaweed citron, alum crystal, rose argile, and so much more...

luxurious oils from all over the world ^_~

I'm having a hard time to pick which treatment I would love to try the most and thank god they were having special Ramadhan promotion at that time and I made my mind immediately... It's a very2 good deal which not only includes their popular treatments but also additional stuff too for only RM250 :- - Purifying foot scrub with ginger & tea tree dead sea salt (with 26 healing mineral) - Hammam (bath) & Gommage (scrub) with tea tree black soap - 1 hour massage with Orange & Geranium oil - Bois de Rose face and foot massage

- Hibiscus & Lemon Tea (for those who were not fasting)

the Ramadhan's package n_n

I'm a little nervous at first because I knew this is not like the typical spa I've been before... You'll be treated like a queen (like in medieval era) when everything from getting a shower, get dress and even combing your hair will be done by hired help for you... But it's soon forgotten when I stepped into their changing room...

They giving out a set of fancy robe, paper bra and panty for me to change... Despite the traditional interior, the lockers are quite hi-tech with cool magnetic opening which can be open with a special water resistant bracelet given earlier upon my sign in... I started to feel very very excited and adventurous, hehehe =P

hi tech locker for all your stuff & belongings @_@

the tiny changing room~

When I told you guys this spa is not like the typical spa, I really meant that in this spa, there is one lady assign to do your bidding, she will shower you, soaping you body, shampoo-ing your hair, scrubbing your whole body and massage you too... So, you'll be practically naked in front of the lady most of the time... 

I never feel more exposed but strangely, this experience makes me felt quite confident with my body like never before, hahaha =D The Hammam & Gommage session are very interesting since the last time I checked it, only my parents have showered me before, it felt a little weird and funny but I like the fact that someone will attend to my every wish and need, wink2 @_@ 

The special black soap they used make it more easier to remove all the body dead cells when the scrubbing session took place... Its not for the sensitive skin however because its quite painful but you can always ask the lady to be more gentle... 

After Hammam & Gommage, I was taken to the hall for the Purifying Foot Scrub treatment... It's taken all the edges from wearing 3 inches all day from me while waiting for available room for my massage session... The hall as you can see from this picture below is decorated beautifully with a blend of traditional and modern interior... I love the cozy chairs and the warm mode they have here, its felt so homey and relaxing n_n

the mesmerizing hall =)

And soon after my foot scrub, I was escorted to the massage room... They also offered special packages for couple with more luxurious and fabulous room, this info will definitely become handy when I get married later, heehee =P 

In this package, they have chosen mixture of orange and geranium oil for me, so the masseuse lathered a generous amount of the oil to my body... The oil smell is very2 soothing and refreshing, I kind of like it =) I choose the Swiss massage technique because I can't handle the painful traditional massage very well and I'm glad I did, it's one of the best body massage I ever had!!!

After finished with the massage, I was escorted again to the hall for the Bois de Rose Face and Foot Massage, the treatment concentrated on crucial points in face and foot to help relax the muscles and make you more energized and radiant... This is a great finishing end for the whole spa experience before I'm heading for another agenda...

I'm giving this spa 5 out of 5 stars for the royal treatment and great services, I'm eager to come back again and suggesting this spa for those feeling like pampering yourself silly or maybe if you want to feel like a queen =) This spa also provided special package for bride to be, mother and daughter, couple and even open for a party, cool isn't it??? ^_^

So check out this spa if you're in the close proximity of Bangsar and you can always ask for the current promotion since the Ramadhan's package is no longer available or you guys can opted for another similar package, My Favorite Concubine (hammam & gommage + massage + body polish) ... Till then, love yourself and treat yourself once in while because you absolutely worth it, wink2

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