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I'm not usually this lucky, but maybe it's about time I experienced this winning streak, hehehe =P If you still wondering what the hell I'm talking about, well most my dear friends already knew, If they didn't, I definitely made it my mission to let they knew, wink2 Anyway, the not so fresh news is, I won SHAPE's magazine contest for 2 consecutive months, heee~

It almost hard to believe but I'm very2 happy and thrilled that my hard work squeezing my brain for the best slogans finally paid off, hehehe x) I won facial & neck treatment from 128 Faubourg Salon by Sothys (Shape May'10 issue) & also La Senza voucher worth RM200 (Shape June'10 issue), yeay ^_^ !!!

I wish I had taken the pics of my La Senza's haul though but unfortunately I don't, but if you guys curious about what I bought with the RM200 voucher, here's the hint :- it's hot pink with bling2, wink2 (it ryhmes, n_n)

The 128 Faubourg's treatment is definitely something to die for, minus the rude beautician, everything else were totally live up to it's name (they won several awards internationally ^_~) I feel thoroughly cleansed, pampered and relax =) It's a little expensive than the normal facial rate but it's really2 worth it!!! @_@

They offered lots of different packages which tailored to suit your skin problems and concern... As I have oily, acne prone skin, it's a good thing I won the Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment, yeay!!! =) The beautician suggested me to do the treatment every 3 weeks and introduced several Sothys products for me to try at home...

They didn't allowed their customer to take pictures in their premises so I only managed to snap few pictures when the beautician leave me alone to change, huhu~ I'll let the pictures do all the talking ya, wink2

lucky me ^_^

the 128 Faubourg's salon @ Bangsar Village =)

the little locker for clothes *.*
(I've no idea why they ask me to remove all my clothes, It's only facial btw, huhu~)

the space for shoes/handbag/stuff n_n

picture of tranquility @_@

sneak peak on the products used for the treatment ^_~

foot bath session before the treatment, me likey =P

the very inviting bed, hee~ x)

The treatment took about 2 hours which I'm having a hard time to remember all the details since I'm dozing off most of the time, heehee =P

I'm giving their salon 3 out of 5 stars not because I dislike it, but it's because of the rude beautician which I think act that way due to my free of charge treatment, huhu~ it's fine by me because now I won't ever feel tempted to come again and I can save money to buy other stuff instead, hahaha =D

Anyway, thanks SHAPE magazine for both prizes, it's definitely made me very happy for a long long time, luv ya ^_~


  1. syok nye dpt free facial treatment. dulu time i buat facial treatment kat clarins pun dia soh pakai towel dia semata. sungguh xphm. last2 i ckp tak nak.hohoho

  2. bende free mmg la tersgt best, hehehe =P I pun mcm mls nak bukak sume pastu pakai balik, nasib robe dia comfy gler sampai tertdo2 pulak i jdnye, hahaha =D

  3. Ok.jeles thp gaban for lasenza!!hehe data bkez u know i heart lasenza.mmg u lucky. Congrats2 :D

  4. thank q sweetie, =) i know how bad your love for la senza is... definitely more than me, wink2 you're not so bad yourself, you're way luckier than me, heehee =P

  5. haha...tuah orang siapa yang tahu...betul tak i punye peribahasa tuh?

    i'm waiting for lasenza's GILA sale with that 70% off the tag...nnt i shopping like MAD lady...sbb name pun GILA sale (i yg letak name tuh, sbb i suke sgt sale tu cm gila) :D

    ha, kalau sale tu ade, we can go together2 and be gila2 together2 too ;)

    the other month, when the GILA sale was on, i saved the money for bandung trip, i thought kat sane boleh la jumpe lasenza murah2...rupenye tade..i only got one VS panty...tu je yg i rasa okay...and sbb tak puas hati, i pegi lah ke lasenza butik at Paris van Java to get ole2 from lasenza bandung.turn out to be, ms i try tu, i mengantuk ke ape ntah, bile da smpai kl, i pakai, tak best pulak...like big sikit...so i just gave to my friend...so tadelah lasenza from bandung for me :((
    sedey betul..tapi tapelah, at least i give to someone yg lagi fit to pakai, rather than i simpan tak pakai2...

    hehe..panjang pulak comment i, sorry ;)

  6. hahaha, tp mcm tertinggal tuah ayam nampak di kaki kat depan peribahasa u tu, =D

    u mmg la senza die hard fanatic, nanti kite serang same2 ek, hrp la i dh gaji time tu, heehee =P i suke hipster diorg, comfy & sexy, i loike ^_^

    bandung ade VS ke???? jelesnye, msia nape still x de??? kalau x leh berangan jd VS angels, wink2


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