my book haul - I'm lovin' it, ^_~

I only planned to grab couple of books @ BookXcess, Amcorp Mall today but the stock just arrived and lots of books definitely caught my attention... Anyway, this is my second visit to BookXcess, what I can say is, they really know how to impress bookaholic like yours truly, wink2... I love the extra touch like the free bookmark with every purchases and the 10% discount for card members... God know how stingy MPH and Kinokuniya can be, huh~

This time around, I bought a Sephora makeup guide book (for my friend upcoming bday) + 2 Madeleine Wickham books (also known as Sophie Kinsella) + Cupcakes recipe books (for a friend) + Creative Card Design book (for my little sis) + 2 Dorothy Koomson books (I've read her books review and curious to know whether her work could live up to my expectation,wink2) + Greg Iles - The Devil's Punchrowl (he's genius, one of the best in fact ^_^) + Jimi Hendrix biography (his more than a musician to me, he's legendary n_n) + Tess Gerritsen's thriller (for my sis) and last but not least, Marley & Me movie tie-in (it's a bargain I can't refuse, hee~)

I'm very very excited with my haul and can't wait to come again!!! Thank you sweetie for your treat, love u dear, muahssss ^_~


  1. great haul!! i went crazy too there! wanted to buy the sephora book but already out of cash =p so have to put it back...darn... oh well have to wait for my pay day then... lol

  2. best kan kan kan??? lots of beauty books for grab too, rambang mata i tgk, hehehe =P i pun kene tggu gaji dulu br leh serang lagi, hahaha =D


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