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I know I should have study for my midterm exam instead of hanging out at bookstore and spending money again but shopping for books also considered as study in my dictionary, hehehe =P Anyway, I was introduced to BookXcess by a blogger friend, Kitty, thank q so much girl for the info and I've been stalking their facebook page eversince, hehehe =P

In case you guys didn't know or never heard of
BookXcess before, they are selling overprinted books with lots of discount around 50%-70% from the retail price!!! ^_^ But the stock is quite limited, it's on first come first serve basis, so you must be extremely alert and fast, wink2

Anyway, I went for my first BookXcess @ Amcorp Mall visit last Saturday, and OMG, I almost going crazy looking at all the books and the price tag!!! For the first time ever, I just took every books I want without even thinking, hehehe =P Thank god, everything is within my budget and I got more than I'm expecting, yeay!!! @_@

As you can see from the above pic, I managed to grabbed 3 Bobbi Brown's books (for my friend bday & for myself n_n) + DSLR guide book (for another of my friend bday ^_^) + American Classic Car - Ford Mustang history (for my bf - he's a big Mustang fan ^_~) + Natsuo Kirino's & Alice Sebold latest book + few chic lit + The Duchess movie tie-in =)

I absolutely love everything I bought & excited to stocking up again after my midterm, hehehe =P There are so much more books out there still waiting for me, wink2


  1. babe, i just bought bobbi brown living beauty at Popular bookshop Ampang Point for rm19.90!
    tapi bukan hard copy much u bought urs?

  2. oic, i didn't bought living beauty actually, i bought her 3 other books - Makeup Manual + Teenanage Beauty + Beauty Evolution.... It's around RM30-ish something but I'm happy coz it's way cheaper than the original price, wink2 =)

  3. i so want the bobbi brown books!! do you think they still have it there? gosh i really want it! and it's really cheap for all those around rm30++

  4. only the bobbi brown's makeup manual is out of stock, but her other books like living beauty, beauty evolution and teenage beauty still got lots of copies that day, wink2 =)

  5. Aah i ada 1 BB book dat cost 80ish bought at the counter at isetan.30 ringgit mmg cheap.u pun sue buku too! :D

  6. i mmg tersgt excited tgk buku yg murah2 ni, hehehe x) it's good to know that you're a bookworm too, dear =)now, i have more friends to talk about books, weeeeeeeee!!! ^_~

  7. i love good books.... besides retail therapy... reading and bargain good and cheap books helps me calm too..

  8. betul3x, sometimes when im engrossed in the story, i feel like i had transferred to another world, all problems forgotten, everything seems so exciting and cool, hee~ n_n


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