Fallin' for Falsies...

Sweetie candy =)

I'm too preoccupied to blog lately, my lappy is crappy so I'm not that eager to go online anymore, but of course, the urge to blog is still there despite all the troubles, hehehe =P Anyway, I'm doing a little fragrance shopping from Miu2 few months ago for my bff birthday and for myself...

It's the Limited Edition DKNY BeDelicious Candy Apple in purple and Lancome Tresor In Love... If you know me very well you probably can tell which one is mine and which one is for my bff, wink2 I love mine so much and I'm happy to know that she loved hers too....

A little sneak peek on my Melinda Looi's Limited Edition Shu Uemura's falsies, pretty isn't it??? There's one cute story behind this lashes collection, I will let you guys know in my upcoming post ya, till then, be happy & stay gorgeous, girls!!! ^_^

It's fashion meets falsies ^_^


  1. ehem ehem...i akan nantikan post u about the cute story *curious*

  2. itupun kalau ape yang i pikirkan betul ...hahahahha..mane tau ada story lain ke :P

  3. heehee, mcm tau2 je, kite tungguuuuuuuuu, wink2

  4. hahah! cute story!!! omg... u gona expose it?

  5. of course i will expose it after all the troubles you guys going thru, hehehe =P

  6. LOL...okay,
    Tammy, sila siap sedia, we will be exposed!

  7. hehehhe, ready girls??? i'll blog about it soon ( when i passed my laziness phase of course, hehehe =P)


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