Dorian Gray...

Every year during durian season, my dad will invite our close relatives & family friends for a little gathering @ our kebun located at Hulu Langat, Selangor... It has been our family tradition since I'm 10 years old to spend our weekend here to relax and get away from the busy city... Little by little the 10 acres jungle is now turning into a beautiful garden and soon it will be open for public...

Of course besides durian, we have other fruits like rambutan, dukung, ciku & langsat too... So we cherish people close to us every year with private tour to our secret sanctuary to enjoy the experience that they won't get anywhere else in KL... I'm not a fan of durian myself but I have fun watching others enjoying it =) Being with all these people is something I don't wanna miss, and I have a blast despite the rainy and muddy day @_@

Just a few pics to make all the durian fanatic mouth out there watered, hehehe =P To add the salt to your injury, our durian is one of the most sought after breed in Hulu Langat and people are willing to pay good money just for the seeds alone!!! I'm not exaggerating you know, Chinese men especially love our durian, they ask for the seeds all the time... Anyway guys, enjoy the pics, wink2

my dad pride & joy n_n

under the canopy (",)

the main entree~ =)

up, close & personal ^_^

sideway view x)

can't hardly wait =P

no turning back =D

die hard fan *_*

sharing is caring @_@

eating durian western style n_n

true durian lover, hahaha =D

destiny child, heehee =P

enjoying rambutan straight from the tree x)

we also have freshwater fishes like tilapia, keli, baung, patin, haruan (just to name a few) for sell - it's 100% organic and fresh from the ponds... Interested??? Just let me know ya, ^_~

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