Style Diary : 50 Shades Of Grey

Grey, a shade always perceived as something that's border the line between right or wrong is slowly become a favourite of mine due to the minimalist effect and classic feels it brings. The understated beauty of grey never cease to amaze me, it's effortlessly stunning even in 50 different shades of grey (if you get what I mean, winks)

For my husband's birthday dinner date that we had recently, I choose this mini pleat peplum dress from Poplook which I have been saving for the right moment to wear and compliment my outfit with the highly anticipated collection from Duck; The World Map in Grey. To seal the deal, I pick this cute and adorable Mel & Molly bag and shoes from similar hues. Head to toe in grey, I think I could use a cup of Earl Grey to end the day!

Scarf | dUCk
Dress | Poplook
Shoes & Bag | Mel & Molly

The highlight of my whole look here is obviously the scarf which uniquely printed with the real world map. For someone who take her geography seriously, I honestly don't even care about the minor spelling error on this scarf because this is a piece that I know I'll definitely treasure for years to come. Get this look from Fashion Valet website or outlet near you and until we meet again, have a cheerful week ahead lovelies, adieu~


  1. alaaaaaaaaa suwit sgt look ni, soft je. aah one of my fav colour is also grey! haha

    1. High 5 Jujai, I pun dah semakin suke pulak dgn grey ^_^


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