Back To Nature with Human Nature Body Care

Believe it or not, we're exposed to harsh chemical in our daily life despite our best effort to stay away from it. Detergents, cosmetics even our food sometimes were made from the combination of various substance that's not only unhealthy but very dangerous as well. I slowly try to change my lifestyle and move towards a healthier alternative for my family and I'm so glad we have so many products in our shore that support the cause right now so I'm definitely saying yes to more naturally made goods!

Surviving Motherhood : Baby Shopping

Looking at our current economic situation, I can't help but thinking thoroughly before making any purchases. Just like any other parents, I still want to give the very best for my son even if it means I have to cut down on some of my expenses. But no, I won't spoil him with designer items regardless of how much I love him... Unfortunately, good quality products doesn't always come cheap so I have to find ways to get it for a reasonable price instead. I'm very lucky that my son is not a picky eater and wasn't allergic to any foods so far. He do have sensitive skin that's prone to insects bites and rashes though which makes me a little bit particular in terms of choosing his body products.

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