Lip service...

My glossiness, ngee~

Lately, I seem to make lots of impulsive purchase especially on lipstick and lipgloss... Not to mention, most of them are in nude shades, huh~ I'm still in denial and trying to pull off Angelina pout looks obviously, hahaha =D This is my latest lipstick/gloss haul from my dear friend, Miu2 who currently selling off lots of her precious cosmetics collection to buy herself a new laptop... Go help her with buying something, heehee =P

Anyway, I bought Bobbi Brown Nude Lip Palette (consist of 2 lipgloss + 2 lipstick) + Stila Kitten Lipgloss + Stila Mini Lipglaze in Vanilla and also Bobbi Brown Sheer Color Gloss in Marina Pink from her and guess what, I got Mac Lipglass in Be Seen for free, wink2 Thanks dear, love ya, muahhhhs

I don't have time to try all of them yet but so far, I had tried both Bobbi Brown Nude Lip Palette and Bobbi Brown Sheer Color Gloss... Both of the palette gloss color are very pretty but with different texture and taste, meanwhile the lipstick suit me very2 well and quite nice for my skintone... I love the Sheer Gloss, it's gave my lips a subtle rosey shades which look quite natural and lovely... I really2 heart them both ^_~

Eyes on you...

Stila Pon Pon Gerbera, Stila Smokey Eye-Original, Stila Blanc palette

The best thing about eyeshadow is one color can change your looks from natural to dramatic... I love to experiment with various shades to create different looks and moods... For everyday look, I usually opted for more natural and earth colour like Stila Blanc Palette,the brownish shades not only help to enhance my slightly brown eyes, it also make them look bigger and nicer, hehehe =P

Sometimes, when I feel a little girly, I use the Stila Pon Pon Gerbera Trio Eyeshadow to complement my whole looks... The colors are quite pinkish and sweet, I heart it very2 much n_n Since I'm more than often in my rock chic phase, Stila Smokey Eye Palette always be my favorite pick... Comes with it's own liner, it's absolutely perfect for day to night look and quite glittery for glamorous look... What about you, girls ??? ^_~

[Tips & Tricks] Bewitched...

This weekend, we are celebrating my youngest sis birthday with a little twist, instead of eating out, we have a little magic show, performed by non other than yours truly a.k.a me, heehee =P I always fascinated with magicians, no matter how lame their tricks is, hahaha =D So, for my sis bday, I'm giving her the magician starter kit which I'm too embarrassed to buy for myself actually, wink2... This is of course, the only trick that I can mastered in such a short time, so let me bewitched you with my magic wand, abacadabra~ @_@

1) I'm holding my magic wand with all my fingers...

2) I'm concentrating hard and try to give my right hand extra energy...

3) Tadaaa, the wand had magically stick out by itself~ clap3x

p.s : I'm not gonna reveal the secret behind my magic trick, as we all knew, true magicians never reveal their secret, hehehe =P (I'm sure you guys can definitely figure it out if you look at the pics close enough, wink2) I can't help wondering how my students will react if they can see my tricks, I truly miss them, sob2 T-T

In the pink...

my CNY's spree @_@

I must have forgotten, CNY's probably the worst time to shop ever, most of the store are closed up for holidays and the best stuff were gone already, haih~ Anyway, I'm planning to buy something else entirely, but of course I won't let minor thing like that interrupted with my plan... I've found quite a cute polka dot makeup case along the way which I heart so much to replace my worn out case!!! n_n

Since I'm trying my damnest not to splurge anymore, I have to find cheaper alternative for my almost finish Stila Smudge Pot (which no longer available in Msia and quite expensive for my limited budget, tsskkk T_T), so I bought Maybelline Gel Eyeliner instead which come with it's own brush... Of course it's not as good as Smudge Pot, but quite decent and lasting despite the amount of times it takes to dry on your eyelids, huh~

I never like drugstores makeup, I don't know what had come over me when I bought Revlon Soft & Silky lipstick in nude... It taste funny and I don't even like the shade... I must have been suckered by the Jessica Alba & Halle Berry ads at their counter, hahaha =D I do think Rimmel have much better lipstick range and colors though...

I also bought couple of UK's magazine, Shout that comes with clear lipgloss and mascara... I haven't seen anything like this clear mascara since forever and I can't help but drawn to get one myself... It reminds me of my high school day when we all wanna try everything and trying to be subtle at the same time... I used to dye my hair in dark purple to make it less obvious but you can't really fooled everyone, right??? Heehee, =P

My favorite purchase of the day is definitely Benefit's That Gal... It's a primer actually but can also work as a face brightener... It give your face a subtle glow and can be wear alone or with foundation... I'm in love with the strawberry scent and the gorgeous packaging, so cute and smart!!! I love the fact that it's also moisturize your skin and prime it at the same time...

Anyway, someone used to mention to me that it doesn't really work for combination/oily skin like mine, but I do believe that if we used oil-free foundation, or mattifying stuff, it definitely gives you your desired effect, try it yourself at the nearest Benefit's counter, it's really2 worth your money!!! ^_~

In my book...

I heart books n_n

In case you guys wondering what I've been up to lately in order to de-stressed and distracted myself from all the chaos around me, well it's none other than cuddling up with my latest haul... I just finished reading the last one and I couldn't have been more inspired...

When it comes to books, I definitely have a very2 high expectation, my sis hate that I somehow always managed to tear down her favorite books to pieces with my harsh criticism... Of course when you forked out almost 40 bucks for each of them, you are entitled to have unreasonable demand, rite??? hehehe
=P I don't want to bore you guys with my lengthy review, so I'll make it very2 short and sweet, okay ^_^

The Host - Stephanie Meyer

The beginning of the story doesn't really make any sense to me, it's too much and unnecessary but once you get over it, everything started to fall into places and you can't help admiring Wanderer's pure soul... Coming from the author of Twilight's Saga, this is something totally different than what she used to do but it's definitely worth your time and money... It's not your typical science-fiction, but it is written with so much heart and love... You'll cry a lot, I can promise you that !!!

The Lucky One - Nicholas Sparks

It's way better than his previous book, The Choice but still can't top his other works such as The Rescue, Dear John and Message in the Bottle... I didn't really expect much from Sparks lately, he do have the tendency to repeating the same storyline over and over again but this is a good start if you're new to his books... I always recommended The Rescue instead of The Notebook to everyone because I think the movie is more heartwrenching than the book itself, huhu~

What I Did For Love - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I always love her books, she really2 got the talent to make people laughing their ass off and also touch them all in the right places... You might recognized the Brad-Angelina-Jennifer situation here, and she makes us see the truth behind all the Hollywood pretense and drama that we always overlook when we read the gossip section everyday in the newspaper. I heart this book very2 much @_@

Twenties Girl - Sophie Kinsella

If you're familiar with her books, this one is not quite the same, pretty slow and ridiculous in the beginning but as the story progressing, you'll start to love the story and rooting for Lara, the heroine and her guardian angel, Sadie... You might see Monalisa in totally different light after reading this book, hehehe =P

Love The One You're With - Emily Giffin

This is obviously not her best work, but not that bad either... This is something I had experienced myself, and I'm not really proud to say this but I always getting caught up in my past relationship and never really appreciate what I got until it's gone... Apparently, I'm not the only one who used to felt that way, the heroine herself is in the same situation and she's not really handling it well... Quite deep for chic-lit I must say, but a good read nevertheless...

p.s : most of this books are on sales this Valentine, grab it if you're feeling like you're in lovey dovey mood, wink2 ^_~

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