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In case you guys wondering what I've been up to lately in order to de-stressed and distracted myself from all the chaos around me, well it's none other than cuddling up with my latest haul... I just finished reading the last one and I couldn't have been more inspired...

When it comes to books, I definitely have a very2 high expectation, my sis hate that I somehow always managed to tear down her favorite books to pieces with my harsh criticism... Of course when you forked out almost 40 bucks for each of them, you are entitled to have unreasonable demand, rite??? hehehe
=P I don't want to bore you guys with my lengthy review, so I'll make it very2 short and sweet, okay ^_^

The Host - Stephanie Meyer

The beginning of the story doesn't really make any sense to me, it's too much and unnecessary but once you get over it, everything started to fall into places and you can't help admiring Wanderer's pure soul... Coming from the author of Twilight's Saga, this is something totally different than what she used to do but it's definitely worth your time and money... It's not your typical science-fiction, but it is written with so much heart and love... You'll cry a lot, I can promise you that !!!

The Lucky One - Nicholas Sparks

It's way better than his previous book, The Choice but still can't top his other works such as The Rescue, Dear John and Message in the Bottle... I didn't really expect much from Sparks lately, he do have the tendency to repeating the same storyline over and over again but this is a good start if you're new to his books... I always recommended The Rescue instead of The Notebook to everyone because I think the movie is more heartwrenching than the book itself, huhu~

What I Did For Love - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I always love her books, she really2 got the talent to make people laughing their ass off and also touch them all in the right places... You might recognized the Brad-Angelina-Jennifer situation here, and she makes us see the truth behind all the Hollywood pretense and drama that we always overlook when we read the gossip section everyday in the newspaper. I heart this book very2 much @_@

Twenties Girl - Sophie Kinsella

If you're familiar with her books, this one is not quite the same, pretty slow and ridiculous in the beginning but as the story progressing, you'll start to love the story and rooting for Lara, the heroine and her guardian angel, Sadie... You might see Monalisa in totally different light after reading this book, hehehe =P

Love The One You're With - Emily Giffin

This is obviously not her best work, but not that bad either... This is something I had experienced myself, and I'm not really proud to say this but I always getting caught up in my past relationship and never really appreciate what I got until it's gone... Apparently, I'm not the only one who used to felt that way, the heroine herself is in the same situation and she's not really handling it well... Quite deep for chic-lit I must say, but a good read nevertheless...

p.s : most of this books are on sales this Valentine, grab it if you're feeling like you're in lovey dovey mood, wink2 ^_~


  1. wow..rajin mmbaca yeee..i pun ade gak koleksi tp mengumpul je lebih..membacanye tidak..hehhe..anyways mane u dpt cari mase ye utk bace semua tu?pls tell me!

  2. Actually, i x bace semuanye sekaligus, selalunye i bace b4 tdo atau time tunggu org, tp kalau dah bez sgt cite tu, kdg2 i x tdo le jwbnye, hehehe =P kalau u x mau bc buku u, sedekah lah kat i, wink2 ^_~

  3. yang kene abiskan bace jugak ni..rugi je belikan?

  4. betul3x, u akan lebih syg buku tu bile u tau betape beshnye cite dia n_n bace jgn x bace, hehehe =P


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