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Stila Pon Pon Gerbera, Stila Smokey Eye-Original, Stila Blanc palette

The best thing about eyeshadow is one color can change your looks from natural to dramatic... I love to experiment with various shades to create different looks and moods... For everyday look, I usually opted for more natural and earth colour like Stila Blanc Palette,the brownish shades not only help to enhance my slightly brown eyes, it also make them look bigger and nicer, hehehe =P

Sometimes, when I feel a little girly, I use the Stila Pon Pon Gerbera Trio Eyeshadow to complement my whole looks... The colors are quite pinkish and sweet, I heart it very2 much n_n Since I'm more than often in my rock chic phase, Stila Smokey Eye Palette always be my favorite pick... Comes with it's own liner, it's absolutely perfect for day to night look and quite glittery for glamorous look... What about you, girls ??? ^_~


  1. Those stila palettes are all yours? U make me jealous already~

    I really miss stila's old packaging and marketing strategies. Ever since stila's been 'saved', I think it's getting a tad...ridiculous? U tau x that new stila mp3 player thingy? lol i xtau nk gelak ke nk nanges! Why oh why~

  2. yes hanna, it's all mine, i have 5 others more which finish already + give away to my sisters and my friends... i'm trying to finish them all before next year, hehehe =P

    you know what,i feel the same about the mp3 thingy, just because smokey eyes talking palette is such a big hits they trying to use the same formula over and over again, don't you think???

    i love their special edition palettes, the pcd + sleeping princess + barbie, they should come up with more unique palettes!!! @_@

  3. Ohhh please, that 'talking palette'? Slow, unclear recorded audio is hardly what we call talking! cis,tipah tertipu...

    Ohh I love the Barbie spring2009 collection! Too bad they never made it here. I wanted it so badly but now it's March again, suddenly Babrie collection seems so last year.Heheee

  4. hahaha, apparently u, me and also most of their fans, the voice thing is just another gimmick that i must have overlooked in my pursuit of stila craziness, hehehe =P

    i'm sooo looking forward for what thing they will coming up with next, hopefully lots of cool SE palette, ^_^

  5. LOL yeah when it comes to the stila's 'new makeover' all her fans speak the same language. Call me rude, but i personally find that Lynn Tilton is so syok sendiri. Apparently she's the only one who thinks that Makeup Player is a genius. And how in the world do tacky-looking-yet-pricey-new-stila-products leads to 'education,empowerment,etc?'

    Plus, the 'new stila spokesperson' herself looks just...unconventional. In a wrong way.

  6. hehehe, she have 2 say it's genius or she'll have to find another job, hehehe =P nway, i love what benefit come up with lately, it's way more fun and cooler than stila, don't you think? i wish there are more cult products available here in msia, we sooo need more variety, huhu~


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