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my CNY's spree @_@

I must have forgotten, CNY's probably the worst time to shop ever, most of the store are closed up for holidays and the best stuff were gone already, haih~ Anyway, I'm planning to buy something else entirely, but of course I won't let minor thing like that interrupted with my plan... I've found quite a cute polka dot makeup case along the way which I heart so much to replace my worn out case!!! n_n

Since I'm trying my damnest not to splurge anymore, I have to find cheaper alternative for my almost finish Stila Smudge Pot (which no longer available in Msia and quite expensive for my limited budget, tsskkk T_T), so I bought Maybelline Gel Eyeliner instead which come with it's own brush... Of course it's not as good as Smudge Pot, but quite decent and lasting despite the amount of times it takes to dry on your eyelids, huh~

I never like drugstores makeup, I don't know what had come over me when I bought Revlon Soft & Silky lipstick in nude... It taste funny and I don't even like the shade... I must have been suckered by the Jessica Alba & Halle Berry ads at their counter, hahaha =D I do think Rimmel have much better lipstick range and colors though...

I also bought couple of UK's magazine, Shout that comes with clear lipgloss and mascara... I haven't seen anything like this clear mascara since forever and I can't help but drawn to get one myself... It reminds me of my high school day when we all wanna try everything and trying to be subtle at the same time... I used to dye my hair in dark purple to make it less obvious but you can't really fooled everyone, right??? Heehee, =P

My favorite purchase of the day is definitely Benefit's That Gal... It's a primer actually but can also work as a face brightener... It give your face a subtle glow and can be wear alone or with foundation... I'm in love with the strawberry scent and the gorgeous packaging, so cute and smart!!! I love the fact that it's also moisturize your skin and prime it at the same time...

Anyway, someone used to mention to me that it doesn't really work for combination/oily skin like mine, but I do believe that if we used oil-free foundation, or mattifying stuff, it definitely gives you your desired effect, try it yourself at the nearest Benefit's counter, it's really2 worth your money!!! ^_~


  1. i luv that gal juga!

    high five sistah!

  2. hehehe, besh kan kan kan??? @_@

  3. LOL I pn beli gak that Shout mag. =D Nothing to do the cover girl Miley Cyrus but just coz I feel like clear makeups when I saw that.

    Aww "that gal". I wanted it so much but I made way for other stuffs when I did an online Benefit spree recently.

    Did u get any samples/freebies from your 'that gal' purchase?

  4. ayna, i like the pink polka dot bag :):) i wan one too!! hehe

  5. U punye stila smudge pot yang dh abs tu onyx ke. I beli jade smpai sekarang tak luak2. Asal pakai je lekat2 kat lens. Rugi je beli :(

  6. hanna : i love the simplicity of the mascara + gloss, naturally natural, hehehe =P u know what, i do my brows + bought that gal, but I didn't even get freebies, I dunno whether the SA purposely do that or she/he may have totally forgotten about it after all, sigh~

    lisa : kawaii aite??? i forgot the shop name, maggie-t/ missy-t or something and it's quite cheap!!! n_n

    cuna : a'ah, mine is onyx, mcm ne leh lekat kat lense tu??? ganeh ni, hahhaha =D cube try pakai dulu smudge pot b4 u pakai lens, mesti santek, hikhikhik =P

  7. Aren't brow arch+that gal=almost RM200?! Chet Benefit m'sia mg stingy... last time I bought hello flawless (a'ah 1 produk je, pki rm40 voucher lg tue =p) pn xdpt ape2. Usually the muke tembok me will ask for a sample, tp i demam mse tu. So xde mud sgt.

    I've no idea why they're stingy when it comes to samples. Skin Food, for eg; they'll give u 2 samples even for rm40 purchase. Meanwhile beneFit? Kalo bg pn rm250++ bru bg, tu pn ciput je body scrub yg I dpt. -.-

  8. tau x pe, if we happy we will keep buying kan??? they absolutely learn nothing over these few years... i love kiehl's, they give freebies all the time, without asking lagi... nak wat cm ne, i suke benefit, stila pun dah x de... sedey2

  9. I love Shout mag,i bought almost every single issue of their magazines (depending of the free gifts haha lol). But last time they sell it for only RM9.90,now they marked up the price already,now is RM14.50,kinda pricey to me :'(

  10. I know right? And the freebies wasn't that cool anymore, sigh~ wish they'll work on that freebies more =)


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