Lip service...

My glossiness, ngee~

Lately, I seem to make lots of impulsive purchase especially on lipstick and lipgloss... Not to mention, most of them are in nude shades, huh~ I'm still in denial and trying to pull off Angelina pout looks obviously, hahaha =D This is my latest lipstick/gloss haul from my dear friend, Miu2 who currently selling off lots of her precious cosmetics collection to buy herself a new laptop... Go help her with buying something, heehee =P

Anyway, I bought Bobbi Brown Nude Lip Palette (consist of 2 lipgloss + 2 lipstick) + Stila Kitten Lipgloss + Stila Mini Lipglaze in Vanilla and also Bobbi Brown Sheer Color Gloss in Marina Pink from her and guess what, I got Mac Lipglass in Be Seen for free, wink2 Thanks dear, love ya, muahhhhs

I don't have time to try all of them yet but so far, I had tried both Bobbi Brown Nude Lip Palette and Bobbi Brown Sheer Color Gloss... Both of the palette gloss color are very pretty but with different texture and taste, meanwhile the lipstick suit me very2 well and quite nice for my skintone... I love the Sheer Gloss, it's gave my lips a subtle rosey shades which look quite natural and lovely... I really2 heart them both ^_~


  1. Dear Ayna,

    did u get the mascara as well?! and the mini e/s from bb?

    glad u like the freebies.. its to make up for the unfortunate vanilla incident T_T

    be seen looks like vanilla so i decided to give

  2. don't worry dear, i got both BB mascara and eyeshadow safe and sound.. ^_^ i'm saving them for another post, hehehe =P thank q so much dear for your generousity, I'm lovin' all the freebies, wink2


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