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I received the latest Kiehl's Times yesterday and of course I'm captivated by their latest product; Kiehl's Dermatologist Ultimate White Darkness Diminishing Activated Eye Treatment... For girls like me who using spectacles every single day, dark circle is something that has haunted us for-ever...

I've tried so many products before from drugstore brand such as Nivea and Garnier to over the counter products like Clinique, Benefit and Good Skin Lab but none of them really work as good as they claim, huh~ =_=

My love for smokey eyes look doesn't really help much either... It kinds of making my dark circle more pronounce over the time and my sleeping habit also contributing to this problem as well...

Kiehl's so far never disappoint me, I love their Rare Earth Masque, Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro Demabrasion and not to forget their Herbal Scalp Treatment Shampoo too ^o^ I just can't wait to try out this eye cream... Hopefully it will work wonderfully on me this time around ^_~


  1. asna still pki clinique punye hehe =)

  2. ayna pakai mcm x de effect je,sob2 T-T

  3. Lorr...i baru je start pakai clinique punye. 1st time nak try eye cream. nanti u dah beli kiehl's tu jgn lupe review2 yer :)

  4. i nak try sample dulu, sbb takut kene allergic reaction mcm kawan harim hari tu, kalau okey br proceed beli, heehee =P


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