All hail the King & Queen...

While killing time waiting for the bouquet of flowers that I ordered ready, me and my sis went into Shins, a cosmetic store which strangely I never attempt to walk in before... It's pretty similar to Sasa but they are selling cult products from Australia, Greece and other countries such as Bloom, Forever Young, OPI, Sally Hensen, Kings & Queens and so much more...

The prices here are quite reasonable but from what I can see it didn't compromise the quality of the products... I personally love the EcoTools brushes, it's synthetic just like BodyShop brushes but so much cheaper ^_^ Their nail shiner too didn't escape my full attention, it's so cute and adorable, it's making me so freaking excited to pimp my nails, hehehhe =P

Their star product I'll say is their Kings & Queens body range (scrub/shower gel/body lotion/body butter) The packaging is very nice and comes with lots of choices... I tried the scrub on my hand, and I can see immediate result, my hand looks lighter and felt softer after just one use =)

Thank god I'm only bringing with me limited cash, I felt like buying all of them already, heehee ^_~ Without further ado, lets see what did I get today for me and my sis... We practically share everything except boyfriends and underwear, hikhikhik =P

Catch of the day ^_~


  1. Wowww quite interesting. I tak penah masuk Shins lagi. Sasa penah masuk sekali je tapi tak beli pape pun :P

  2. yea :D i was tempted to buy too.. especially they're not half bad the price.. now got promotion to buy the travel sizes a box for rm88.. a box has 4 or 5 in it? i can't rmemeber.. though

  3. cuna : masuk3x, besh tau, rase mcm x nak keluar je, hahaha =D

    miu2 : yalah, i only bought the eyeliner brush since i got other brushes already, but it's a great bargain for 5 brushes coz bodyshop brushes cost around 200 for the whole set, I think, huhu~

  4. LOL same la kite Ayna, I da bpe puluh kali lalu dpn SHINS but never bothered to enter till few weeks ago when I was kinda bored with my lone-shopping @ 1Utama outlet.

    K&Q pn dpt samples yeh? Wow...really curious to try their body gels, tp skang tgh pki Aveeno plak. Jimat Hanna,jimat!!!

  5. tulah, sbb i ingat dia mcm typical shop, tp stuff dia leh thn gak la hanna, cheaper lak tu, n_n

  6. yang... watkn demo makeup area mata boley? kira mcm base ape kena letk.. sapu ape lak lepas tue. and mcm ne nk cover dark circle.. tang mata asna nie problm la.. xtau mcm ne nk cover..

    Pstt klu rajin la ya. klu x.. later pas exm jer la asna dtg tuntut ilmu ek hehe ;)

  7. tu kene tunggu dtg seru dulu, skrg ni ayna mcm teramatlah malas cik asna, hehehe =P exam exam exam, pening3x, huhu~ =P


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