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Introducing the Origins Night Health™ Collection n_n

When it comes to sleep, the quality always count more than the quantity... In my case, I always practice a little routine on my own to make me more relax and sleep well... Origins collaborated with Dr Andrew Weil, an integrative health authority, have develop a new range, Origins Night Health™ Collection which design to get you get your quality sleep without any meds and prescriptions...

They are using formula that combines soothing blend of 100% natural Chamomile, Lavender and Mandarin essential oils which relaxes mind, body and spirit before bed to help you get the rest you need. As we all knew, a good sleep has been proven over and over again as one of the key ingredient for refreshed and rejuvenated skin.
Style magazine with Origins and Bobbi Brown had organized a private event at Hotel Maya, Jln Ampang last week to introduce Origins Night Health™ Collection to 40 of their readers. Me and my sis were among the lucky 40 who had been chosen to experience the complete range of the product ourself.
We were asked to wear red actually (I wear pink, that's the closest to red shirt that I got, wink2) and not wearing any makeup to this event (I cheat, I wear my compact and lip gloss, hehehe =P)

The facial range in this collection @_@

After registration, we were given hotel slippers to change and ushered into a room that overlook the splendid view of kl city. As soon as we entered the room, I immediately felt very relax and at ease thanks to the soothing smell of aromatherapy candles all over the room.

Being me, we almost an hour late and missed some of the demonstrations but make it just in time to experience ourselves the Bedtime Balm, which target the key relaxation points in neck, shoulder and feet to help you get restful sleep. This is something I would definitely love to have... Retail at RM300++ for a jar, it's definitely a luxury I can't afford, sob2 T_T

All the colors just makes me go crazy, hahaha =D

After that, Bobbi Brown Cosmetic present us with a little talk about their latest line and demonstrate how to achieve the no-make up look which is all the rage right now (I so don't get why people bother going to all the trouble just to create the no make up look when you can play with all the colors, huhu =P)

Anyway it was followed by a simple makeover for each and everyone of us from Bobbi Brown makeup artists which I think is way too simple for my liking... Anyway, they also have lucky draw for 2 winners (which I didn't won again, sob2 T-T) courtesy of Hotel Maya (I envy those lucky girls!!!)

Everyone were swarming the Bobbi Brown and Origins corners =P

After helping ourselves with all the delicious foods and beverages, we all busying around taking pics from the Skylounge and gossiping around, I met one of my blogger friends, Jess and camwhore like no other, hehehe =P Unfortunately girls, the pics were all in my sis camera, so I just post pics taken from my camera only... Did I mention about the freebies we got??? I'll just let this picture do the talking, ^_~

freebies from Origins + Max & Co + Bobbi Brown, I loike ^_^


  1. yay for another fantastic workshop!!
    i;ve not tried origins skincare before..although they smell divine!

    hehhe but i reckon they hav reasonable facial pricing~

    haha max&co still alive in malaysia?
    but they are a giant in US - even smashbox is under their wings!

    Nice meeting you Ayna!


  2. Wah~ Origins workshop?Tak tau pun. Macam best jer :)

  3. harim : me 3, hehehe =P

    stellar : i know, their products smells are awesome, i felt like taking all of them home, hahaha =D

    their facial range are quite reasonably priced compared to the night balm, hopefully they will sell some at estee lauder warehouse sales this july, wink2

    i also have no idea this max & co is still alive after all this year, they are making big comeback i think, heehee =P

    it's so nice know you too stellar, you bring up lots of positive energy to the crowd, ^_^

    cuna : besh2, i pun tau dr blog jess, i x pnh baca pun style magazine actually, hehehe =P

  4. owh if i know i pun nak follow u. tak best pegi workshop tak de geng :P

  5. aah, tau x pe, kalau x de knl org mmg bosan gler, huhu~ x dpt nak share gosip, hehehe =P


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