Head over heels...

this stiletto reminds me of The Devil Wears Prada, so fierce @_@

I might not have the most expensive shoes in the world or even in Malaysia but at least I can bragged about my photo with the largest red stiletto in KL, hehehe =P Can you guess from what this stiletto was made off? n_n


  1. I know the answer, pick me, pick me!!! Hehee... looks like u had a blast yeah that night? Thanks Ayna for being my partner in crime.

    I'm looking forward to more of your pics. =D

  2. You're very welcome dear, thank q so much to you too gurl for making my day more happening and crazier (the parking lot drama, hahaha =D) wink2

    p.s : of course you knew the answer, you're the one who took this pic, heehee =P

  3. LOL the parking lot drama! ^0^ Due-due on xble harap. Moral disini; len kali amek pics kejadian, just in case....

  4. Tau x pe, kite ni mmg ade short memory span problem yg kritikal, heehee =P Kali ke2 pun leh sesat gak, hampeh betul, hahahha =D


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