[Givwaway] 100 and counting...

To celebrate the 100th posts in my blog (which took me forever to reach the mark =P) and also to appreciate all my readers/followers who have become my friends and confidante after all these years, I'm giving away 3 Stila Mini Lipglazes, \\n_n// Stila, as most of you already know, is no longer available in Malaysia, so hurry up girls, grab this opportunity to own one of the most popular lip gloss in US!!!

It's open to all my Malaysian readers/followers (my sister, Zura is probably the only international reader that I have, hahaha =D) and note this girls, you can only enter one submission... The winners will be chosen by their creativity and interesting answers, heehee =P

How to win this contest??? It's quite simple actually, just leave a comment at this post about One Stuff You Can't Live Without and Why... (just please don't boring me answering it with your boyfriend/fiancee/husband names, okey??? =P) and don't forget to include your name + your follower ID's and your email for me to contact the winners later @_@

You are welcome to blog about this contest & pls don't forget to insert your link in the comment if you do... This contest is open from 14th April 2010 to 23rd April 2010... I'll announce the winner @ my blog on 25th April 2010... Till then, good luck everyone & have fun!!!

the yummylicious Stila Lipglazes n_n


  1. enter me!! i'm following you babe!
    i can't live without my HolyGrail skincare & my gorgeous makeup!!

    its soul soothing therapy & rewarding! i get compliments, a head turner and the SO adores me lol

    stellarvixen reporting here xoxo

  2. One Stuff Can't Live Without and Why:

    I can't live without my camera. It follows me wherever I go and has been my best friend in helping me to express myself, my emotions and all the wonderful (and sad) things that happened in my life. I love u my camera.. MUAKS.


    i will blog soon! now T_T working

  3. One Stuff Can't Live Without and Why:

    I can't live without my handphone, not only "she" connects me to the world through calls/sms but via the worldwide webs.. Not only its a phone, its a instant/light weight camera to take any camwhore picture , it is also my personal assistant (PA)aka organiser aka diary reminds me my daily meetings/workshop/appointments. Without my handphone, I think I am lost!

    It's my compass in life !

    Been your follower since I knew you! jessying@gmail.com

    Blogged about it later :D

    p/s: Congratulation on your 1st 100 post

  4. I can't live without my handbag because everything I needed for a day out is all in there :D

    I just follow you even though I've been a loyal reader since I know you, but something goes wrong lah Ayna. My picture tak come out at the follow section. How?

  5. One Stuff Can't Live Without and Why:

    It simple and easy as A-B-C.
    I can't live without my lip gloss,
    it turn my dull and dry lip to Angeline Jolie sexy lip. oh dear.. and I do craze for stila lip glaze.. yeah!!!

    Thanks dear for to organize the contest...

    Email : niantse@gmail.com

  6. One Stuff I Can't Live Without and Why:

    I can't live without my perfume. Each perfume describes different personality and mood. My JLo Live Luxe is the loveliest perfume I've ever had. Its fruity scent makes me feel excited to start my day. I can't live without it because it always makes me feel good all day long (^__^)

    My follower id : cuna
    Email: cuna_02[at]yahoo[dot]com


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