Just My Luck...

I haven't blogging much lately, I almost forgot how writing really calm me down... I do think 2010 is not going to be my kind of year~ So far I've been sabotage (I'm not being paranoid or anything, you know, someone out there really2 trying to give me a hard time despite my best effort to be nice to everyone, =_=) + our car burning to the ground (stupid workshop, arghhh~) + I learn the truth about something that bothered me very2 much (it somehow in totally weird way involve my exes)

Everything seems
unpleasant since day one... I'm not the superstitious type but did I really running out of luck??? Or perhaps, losing my lucky charm??? I'm wondering, is it possible that every bad thing could happened one after another to a single person??? Life is a beach!!! huh~


  1. ur car burnt? how come story2 la...hehe

  2. not really burning to the ground, i exaggarated a bit, hehehe =P enjin hangus terbakar sbb org workshop tu careless, haih~ tiap kali i ingat mesti i rasa mcm nak jadi kingkong... sedey2 T-T


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