Hello 2010, Goodbye 2009...

Wow, it's the second day of 2010 already... I'm not really thrilled by the idea of new year actually, I'm no longer excited about growing up eversince I turned 25... Sob2 Y_Y

Anyway, I kind of sorting out my pics yesterday and I would love to share with you guys some of my fav 2009 moments which luckily preserved in all these pics... And yes, this pics might be slightly amateur-ish (a lot) since I'm the one who took it, but who cares, I love it nevertheless, hehhhe =P

This one is taken during the durian season at our kebun in Hulu Langat,
I don't eat durian actually but i don't want to miss all the fun, so when all of them eating durian, I'm busying around fancy myself a photographer instead, lalalala~


I took this pic during my visit to Aquaria, KLCC with my little sisters last May...
They still kept their hair long at that time, so kawaiii @_@...Too bad, I don't really
inherited my parents curly hair like both of them, sob2 T-T

This pic represent my girly nights with my bff week @ Marriot Bukit Bintang, it's so freaking awesome, I don't mind trading any of my shoes to re-live it, hehe ^_~


I heart this pic so much not because I won the Transformer's 2 Premiere tickets because of it, but it's really2 hilarious to actually asked them standing still for more than 5 seconds, I even go as far as bribing, hikhikhik n_n

This pic was taken at the outside gate of the Istana during our recent visit to Kedah, the guards is really2 mean, but we try our best to ignore him completely and continue doing silly poses just to infuriated him, hahahha =D

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