It's a brow-mance...

Okey, I'm not the best person to talk about eyebrow since my one and only brow plucking experience was like 100 years ago which I do it myself due to my stupid curiosity, hehhee =P Of course, it's end up looking slanted and hurt like hell and I had vowed never ever to repeat the same mistake again, huh~ So, while browsing NST paper today, I come across the beauty section which features Benefit's Brow Bar and 2 things really caught my eyes...

They are doing a new promotion by reducing the usual Brow Arch rates from RM55 to Rm38 only... It's really2 a great bargain because they not only using a specially made wax from San Francisco and the only cosmetic brand which offer facial waxing services in Malaysia (others do plucking only) they are also the best in the business and have been for years in the United States... And what's not like??? They're giving away free Brow Arch services to the first 100 callers to either Benefit KLCC @ 03-2164 2187 or Benefit Pavilion @ 03-2141 4601...

So, wait no more guys, It's really2 something you shouldn't miss... Coming from someone who have deep aversion towards pain like me, it's not really bad you see if I can miraculously bear it, I don't even scream like I do when I get my ears pierced 2 years ago, hahaha =D Now, I can't stop looking at my perfectly groomed brow, it's totally change the way my eyes look ^_~ I'm definitely in a brow-mance mood today, heehee =P


  1. u should just shave all of ur eyebrows so that u'll look like alien... heheheh

  2. cannot MJ, nanti i'll look just like you, heehee =P

  3. OMG Benefit brow service for RM36? Now that's a real deal! But as usual, I miss it again. Sobs~

    Yep brow waxing is painful, but based from my experience, is oh-so-worth it! I mg suke sgt2 that SA girl yang buat brow waxing kt Benefit Pavilion tu. U buat kt mane?

  4. Kan kan kan??? I pun terkezut gak, the offer is still ongoing if I heard it right, weeeee~ until when the promo I sincerely have no idea, hahaha =D I do mine at KLCC and the SA is so awesome!!! me likey ^_^


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