Girls day out...

it's my bff, Deya & me ^_^

As mentioned earlier in my previous post, this post is about my KLCC Fashionista Acca Kappa & Benefit workshop... Me & my bff for almost 12 years, Deya had a very fabulous Girls Day Out at both events and had fun trading tons of gossip in between, heehee =P (we haven't seen each other for more than 1 month mind you, wink2)

Back to the workshop, I'm not really interested with Acca Kappa stuff, I only sign us in due to my curiosity... And I'm happy to see other familiar faces joined the workshop as well n_n
Acca Kappa actually is an Italian brand famous for their hair brushes range which surprisingly have couple of star products that I'm completely unaware of its existence before =)

For example they have hair brushes that can massage your scalp & help your blood circulation and also hair brushes purposely for shower usage... One more thing, you can also carved your name at the brushes for additional fee, quite cool isn't it???

Besides hair brushes, they also have skincare, bodycare, makeup brushes, fragrance and men products... Their skincare ranges are based on natural ingredients such as grapes, hibiscus, blueberry, just to name a few...

Besides products introduction and demonstration, Acca Kappa had invited stylist from A Cut Above to give hair makeover for anyone interested... I would love to get their hair brush/ scalp massager one day, it would be nice to pamper your scalp once in a while right??? @_@

Acca Kappa's workshop n_n

To occupy the 4 hours gap before the next Benefit workshop, we hang out @ Bisou, the new cupcakes stall at KLCC which I think served quite average cuppies (I still think Cupcake Chic is the best!!! ^_^) and very2 bad beverages... (for RM7 I do think I have the right to expecting more than instant drink, rite??? huh~ =_=)

After that, we shopped for Deya nieces and nephews @ Toys R Us and lucky us, they were having free membership promotion that day, weeee \\^_^// This can be handy when my little sisters bday coming up later, hehehe =P While browsing for Mother's Day Card @ Memory Lane, we both received RM5 gift voucher from the store which I later used to get discount for my Mother's Day card purchase @_@

We are not happy after had the cuppies & bad coffee =_=

I can't believe I actually thrilled getting this, hahhaha =D

Since we both love creative art very much, we used the remaining time to visit the current Art Exhibition @ Galeri Petronas... It's a very2 interesting way to spend your day, just walk in this gallery reminds me of the memories of us busting our ass to get our graphic assignment done which I didn't missed much actually, hehehe =P I wish we were allowed to take pics here because all the artwork are very2 gorgeous and unique in it's own way @_@

The NOVA's Art Exhibition flyers @_@

I didn't take any pics @ the Benefit's Workshop due to my digicam low battery, and it's quite similar with the previous Benefit party I had @ Pavillion anyway, with Matt demonstrating their latest product, Stay Don't Stray... This time around, I'm trying different products like the Bad Gal Plum Mascara + Sugarbomb and Velvet Eye Shadow which I'm starting to fall for, wink2

We bring back quite a lot of free stuff that day so I'm not really tempted to buy anything much~ (I'm very2 proud of myself!!! ^_^) Thank god for freebies and KLCC of course, heehee =P

Freebies, yeay!!! X)

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