I have a date with spring...

This April and May, KLCC had collaborated with various fashion labels and cosmetic brands for their Fashionista Workshops which quite rare I think for a big shopping mall to organize lots of free workshops for so many brands, wink2... This is something that I really2 welcome since KLCC have become like my second home lately, hahahha =D

Anyway, I signed myself and my bff for 3 different workshops; MAC, Acca Kappa and BeneFit but I'll focus on MAC for this post ya, hehehe =P I supposed to go to this workshop with my bff but due to some unavoidable circumstances, I asked one of my classmate/blogger Asna to join me instead... You guys can check her blog post here for blow by blow detail coz I don't take lots of pics that day and too lazy to do so, wink2

waiting anxiously for other people to show up, we are the first one there, huhu~

I'm surprise this workshop actually highlighting MAC 2010 Spring Collection which have been in the market for quite sometime... I sincerely thought they will promoting their latest collection, MAC Give Me Liberty of London but it's fine with me since I'm not really a big fan of MAC... The MAC KLCC makeup artist, Apple and Syahidah are the person in charge of the session I'm in... I love the way they doing the demonstration together, very informative and easy to follow with lots of humor in between, hehehe =P I highly recommend you guys looking for either of them to assist you if you're happen to visit MAC KLCC...

spring fling~ n_n

As much as I love colors, I'm not really fond of their Spring Collection... My interest is definitely glued to their MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick which I knew undoubtly will look ridiculous on me but I still like nevertheless, hehehhe =P So, I get one myself just to admire the beautiful color (it's quite sheer than I have expected) and help the needy by buying it (part of the profit will be distribute to charity organizations) I also get myself their waterproof eyeliner coz I almost finish mine, sob2 T-T (I still think BadGal is the best eyeliner ever,wink2)


the freebies + my haul (eyeliner + lipstick ^_^)

The goodies bag is quite okay I think (what do you expect when it's free, rite???) It consist of MAC Eye make-up remover + Salabianca rock chic bracelet + MAC product brochures... I happened to be quite lucky that day, soon after I left MAC workshop, I walk across Mixed FM promo team car, answer couple of their questions and win myself Marie France Bodyline merchandise & free sessions (which I later gave to my sis and bff) + Women's Weekly Magazine~ @_@, I'm beginning to believe this could be my lucky year, hahhaha =D (dream on, Mizz Ayna~ =P)

Mixed Fm stuff that I won, yeay!!! @_@


  1. wahh!!! dpt pink lipstick! nurul jeles! plg suke blusher mac tuuu

  2. seems like a very fruitful visit to KLCC for MAC workshop! haha you can't help but to buy their eyeliner :P

    how much are they going for?
    i deem BENEFIT is rather more pricier right?
    ession :D
    wow bet you BFF will be delighted to go for mariefrance bodyline session

    my fav black gel eyeliner is shu uemura with brush
    then my koji dolly wink liquid eyeliner for precision..
    i don't hav a good pencil eyeliner :( relying on KATE's crayon which is rather BLAHHH

  3. nurul : blusher dia x pnh try lagi, tp lipstick MAC mmg besh2, yg Lady Gaga punye ni x pink sgt,kene pakai double or triple coating br nampak kot,nasib ade signature Gaga, leh jd collectible, hehehe ^_^

    stellar : the eyeliner is rm62, quite cheap compared to Benefit... It can be my temporary eyeliner until my next payday, wink2

    my bff haven't redeem the voucher yet, she feels quite thrill about it though, hahahha =D

    i'm not at using liquid eyeliner, it's required skill and practice which I obviously don;t have, hehehe =P anyway, i heard so much about Shu Uemura gel eyeliner too, I can't wait to try it too, @_@


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