Facing the Book...

killing the time with camwhoring @ the Hot Magazine's booth n_n

Last week, me and almost hundred other lucky winners from Hot Magazine's Facebook page got the honor to attend their special screening of one of the most anticipated movie this year, The Social Network @ TGV KLCC...

I won 2 tickets for the screening plus complimentary drink and popcorn (kinda cool isn't it??? I lurrrve popcorn, wink2) Thank you so much Hot Magazine + TGV for the treat, love ya~ =)

So, I ask my gossip girl, Anie to join me since she's really curious about the movie, and so do yours truly, ngee~ This is my second movie @ TGV KLCC for the week after Rapunzel 3D so I'm quite excited to watch the movie everyone raving about ^_^

the tickets & the vouchers I won, weeee~

I'm greedy, I know, heehee x)

This movie as most of you guys probably know is about the story behind the conception of one of the largest social network, the "Facebook"... Being an avid user of Facebook myself, I have nothing but respect to the brain behind the world phenomenon =)

The movie is quite hilarious and genius I must said, I do get lost in translation here and there (when they talk about all the hacker stuff) but the razor sharp wit and humor is definitely entertaining and worth watching, wink2

The college life there is nothing like what we had in M'sia... It's quite hard to blend in, to be noticed and to have fun without all the right connection from fraternity or any other social hieraki, this is mainly the inspiration behind the creation of Facebook, believe it or not...

me & Anie, my bodyguard of the day, wink2

I absolutely have no idea of the journey, effort and hard work the founder, Mark Zuckerberg and his team going through to make their dream a reality... I definitely blown away by all the things that we seem to take for granted and how it affecting our life nowadays...

For example, without Facebook, I don't think we can even communicating frequently with someone that we haven't met for almost 10 years, don't you think??? Or maybe sharing your feelings and opinion with someone you barely know... I believe lots of us have one way or another rely on Facebook to keep tabs on our friends and family rather than meeting them on daily basis, don't we???

Anyway, me and Anie certainly have a blast laughing, admiring, hating and loving all the characters... Mark Zuckerberg maybe the youngest billionaire in the world but he lead a very lonely life, with no real friends and without the love of his life... (according to the movie la, not solely based on my perception, okey~) all the money really comes with a huge price tag (law suits and friend-less life) it's quite depressing and sad life to live, I felt sorry for him actually T_T

But I'm very2 fascinated by his drive, passion and determination to achieve his goal and mission, he shared the same birth date as me so I can identify some of the Taurus's mule headed personality in him~ @_@ My verdict??? Go watch the movie if you're looking for a smart/serious comedy and if you don't, watch Rapunzel instead, it's action flick + Disney, you can't get any better than that, hehehhe =P

I'm so gonna watch "The Tourist", can't resist the urge to plastered myself next to Johnny Depp though, ^_~ move away Angelina, let Ayna take your place, hihihi =P

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