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my July's makeup spree ^_~

It's definitely a sin to me not shop and stocking up when it's sales, don't you girls feel the same way too??? hehehe =P I'm curious actually with Stage, a cosmetic line that I never attempt to try before... Anyway, after reading Harim's blogging about their crazy sales here, I persuaded my sis to tag along with me and get something for her early birthday present and for myself too, of course =) Thank you so much dear for the info, wink2

We only want to buy eyeliners and lipsticks at first, but after that we get sucked in by the very charming SA, Chloe and bought a lot more than we planning too... It's quite cheap than the normal price and I obviously can't say no... They also giving out free membership for more than RM200 purchase... You'll get free makeover + points (which can later used to buy their makeup) + workshop + sales invitation and so much more...

We bought eyeliner, lipstick, lipgloss, primer, foundation, compact powder, brush cleanser, and concealers... It's really2 worth it, even drugstore brand can't get this cheap!!! We were very2 pleased with our haul and smile all the way home, heehee x) Due to sooo many sales that happen at the same time, I decided to get my hands on more inexpensive makeup this time around and Loreal's new quad collection really looks like a good deal to me =) There are 4 palettes to choose from and I instantly fall for the Pink Mania and Aquadisiac...

Despite the cheap price, the quality of the colors wasn't compromise and I can even said better than some high end brands!!! With the current discount at Guardian, you can bought 4 palettes at the same price of one Bobbi Brown palette, impressing isn't it??? Go try and swatch the colors to decide for yourselves and don't simply take my words on it, you'll love it, n_n

Last but not least is Baviphat Apple Jelly Lip Scrub which I discovered after reading Fatin's post here... Thanks to her, I now find something that's working and cheaper than Bodyshop's Lip Scuff or Benefit's Dr Feelgood Lipscription... I love it very2 much and wishing they come up with a lot more flavor... I highly recommended this one to all of you who seek for lip treatment for your dry and chapped lips, I believe your man will definitely notice the differences, wink2


  1. haha..gile lah u girls shopping.
    i pun beli satu bijik je :D
    hehe...but was thinking to add more of the concealer liquid as i really love it.
    almost with full coverage which is 90% i might say and also i like the tone colour.

    so, now you member lah? hmm, nak bagi i pakai tak kad u so u can collect points lagi? my auntie pun nk try jugak.
    i dun think we going to buy smpai 200, so y not help u to get points right? ;)

  2. haha tetibe nk comment lagi.

    sangat teruja tengok haul Stage u!
    i nk tatap lagi la gambar2 itu :D

  3. comel lah comment u harim, i like, hahaha =D kitorg pun sgt suke dgn liquid concealer tu, sorg satu lagi ambek, nasib 18 hengget je, hehehe =P

    boleh, no problem, u nak pakai holler je i nanti tau, n_n lepas bace post u buat i trus serang stage dgn la senza (tp x boley post sbb segan lak nak tunjuk panties & bra sexy2 kat blog, hahaha =D)

    sesungguhnya u dgn miu2 ni bad influence la to my not so full wallet, hehehe =P

  4. wowww jelesnye. snapla satu2 ape yg u beli tu. ruginye tak g aritu. dah melepas. memang berbaloi2 la ur haul :)

  5. ayna, byk nye shopping!!! best nye! thx for the baviphat info, so in luv wf the packaging, sgt cute okey!!!

  6. cuna : i ni mls nak snap satu2 sbnrnye, hehehe =P mmg berbaloi2, u wajib seret meor pegi sane, hahaha =D

    nurul : byk ke??? rase mcm nak tambah lagi je, hahaha =D baviphat nye stuff tu mmg agak murah la dear, product dia pun leh thn, best lak tu, suke3x, heehee =P

  7. cuna, sale stage ada lagi lah..blom terlambat..until end of this month.
    so hujung minggu ni abis lah.
    g cepat beli.

    ayna, i nk p dlm ari kamis or jumaat kot. cm ne nk ambik card u? u keje mane eh?

  8. i keje kat jln ampang dear, otw to pavi tu, u singgah la my office kejap... tp u call/msg let me know first tau, mn tau i x de, heehee =P

  9. u ajak harim la nurul, i takut terbabas je lagi kalau pegi, hehehe =P


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